Two: Caira's Story


This is fantastic. Keep them coming!


I think there's some dropship VO about that. Abe and Parnell talk I think.

And there's a reference to the deleted Sunny character in the same VO if I remember correctly.


Deleted, or not yet implemented? Anyways, another amazing story @Matthew. Look forward to hearing the Laz, Hyde, & Markov stories


Deleted, @MacMan posted a milestone about one of their earliest prototypes, back then Sunny was supposed to be Cabot's daughter and the Dropship pilot.


Ya, I remember the VO in the dropship, but I'd still like to know more. They just hint at it really.


They're written in reverse chronological order. So Val's story is next.

I have not written one of these for every character, but I may if I have time.


Who wouldn't? smiley


So Val was the last of the original 12 to be recruited then?


If you do, I will totally compile them, go to the printer's and bind them in whatever way I have available. An evolve short story book would freaking rule!


I'm thinking of the 7 that he wrote. Cabot, Parnell, Val, Abe, Caira, Griffin and Bucket.


So are you saying on only wrote backstories for those 7 then? (Also, only 2 have been posted correct?)


2 have been posted, I'm just assuming 7 because that is how many Val saw when she got recruited. If he wrote them backwards starting with Val, it makes sense that only those would be of the ones remaining to be written.

He mentions that he didn't write stories for all as well. So this is just guesswork. Solid guesswork though stuck_out_tongue


Well, it depends on what you mean by 'backstory.' All the heroes have backstory, not all of them have these little fiction bits.

This fiction is stuff I wrote in my spare time for my coworkers. I have to write backstories for all the heroes, so I can write their dialog and cast them, but that stuff tends to be dry and, as a result, busy people don't read them.

So to sort of entice more people to read more about our heroes, I wrote these. And now we're sharing them with you beautiful people!


Ah, yes I was talking about these little fiction bits. You did an amazing job on these and would love to see you write more of them. Gives us an idea on what these characters were before they joined Cabot. Like I said, I'm excited to hear about the Lazarus men and what exactly took them out


I can see Abe and Parnell's close friendship in this one. That's cool. Also, now that I know a little more about Caira, I really like her. smiley


Nice use of this character in the lore, @Matthew


Scientists carrying grenade launchers to fend off space dogs? What a universe they live in! =D


she's my favorite, quirky, bubbly, the seksiest voice of the female hunters and something to work towards to unlock her smile


Oh buy with one click you're so inviting. I'm looking forward to reading it.


I can guarantee if you put those stories in with some art work and bundled it with the game people would buy it. I know I would.

Shoot I've read all the lore for starcraft and dishonored. And I know people who've read world of warcraft and skyrim lore.

Give the people what they want! smile