Two: Abe's Story


This. I like this. Abe has shot up to my second favorite character. Under Val for.... Reasons... But still this is a great story!


Abe, mah man!


Yeah Abe's got the funniest story so far. Can't wait for future stories. Very curious about they all got recruited.


Are you in?


That settles it. Abe is gunna be my main hunter.


It's kind of funny to see stories like this about the hunters, with what little was revealed through character interaction in the Alpha. Specifically the whole talk of 'The Sword', and however that played into how Parnell and Abe know about eachother/met in the past.

Reminds me of a conversation that plays between Bucket, Lazarus and Hyde about the Mutagen wars and how Hyde was a soldier, and that's how he and Hyde met, or how Val / CIG9 were involved in them and how it seems Hyde has a little bit of anger about it.

I wonder if we'll get to find out any more about that, or if we'll see more stories based around those times, I'd love to see them.


Oh abe, I expect nothing less. This is how I pictured Abe being recruited by Cabot. In a club about to finish a bounty then knock knock Cabot arrives.




I desperately want Hyde’s story


Hahahhahahaha poor cabot​:joy::joy:

Yeah I know it’s been long but I still enjoy the lore of the game.


Saaaaaame he said in one of the drop ship conversation that he was going to jail or something. That would be nice to know about