Twitch Overlay/ Evolve Twitch question for community stream

So I am planning on doing more in depth streaming on Twitch (Not with Xbox One anymore) with Evolve and I was wondering when you watch Twitch streams how do you prefer the layout should be?

This is my mock up of what I was planning on doing but I would love feedback on this.


I also plan on starting a community streams where anyone can participate and we discuss a topic or go as a certain team set up or do things the community would be would like addressed or just goofy streams like " Battle of the Beards" Where we play as all the Hunters that have facial hair or other craziness later on. If anyone is interested in that I think it would be fun if not thank you for reading this.

I stream and I personally hate overlays and webcam faces. I’m wanting to watch a game, not some hud infused screen.


I lowered the banner to be transparent but I am keeping the webcam for reasons.

I sadly need to keep the banner stuff due to it being a group of friends channel and we need to keep people posted on who is playing and such.