Twitch and Hitbox streaming


Quick question for those that are in the know for this. I’ve only recently begun starting up my Youtube channel and paired this up with live streaming via However, I’ve been hearing rumblings about Hitbox as being another possibility. Because I don’t have the sustained huge following (I think I have like 50 followers on Twitch) would it be smart to migrate over to Hitbox due to their promises and better engagement with the community?

Has anyone here tried Hitbox? Have you tried both? What do you like/dislike about either, whether its as a viewer or content provider? Thanks in advance!


U should ask 3ybex he uses hitbox


Great Question! I’m going to start streaming in my own type of format now with Evolve as well. Will watch this thread :slight_smile:


Just did some quick research, if the delay is truly better at hitbox then that’s where I’ll stream. I’m not aiming for a huge following, just a place to hang out sometimes. I have done twich a while back, think I’ll try hitbox and I can always switch if I end up hating it :smile:

EDIT: Oh - plus I can go with @VonHenry , that was taken early on on Twitch :frowning:
Excited now to set up OBS tonight to point to hitbox and do some hidden stream test! :stuck_out_tongue:


Let me know how it goes. I’m not too worried about the delay thing, I’m more worried about which one is easier/more user friendly for the audience. It seems to lie with Hitbox with a few of their integrated things, but having a luxery limousine does nothing if everyone is going to the party in the bus.


I dont think its worth if u wanna have a shot at becoming a bigger streamer. There are so many more users on Twitch. But if you just wanna stream and you’re happy with a small amount of watcher forever you should go for it! :smile:


Interface seems about the same. I’m not as fond of the main games presentation, but as for the channel itself, once they find you, it seems fine.


Wow - you aren’t kidding, currently 81000 LoL viewers on Twitch, 1300 on Hitbox! Ugh!
Really if you’re not streaming with Music, then there really isn’t much not to like with Twitch then other than some delay issues and the occasional “down nights” where all of Twitch crashes :smiley:


The delay is much smaller on HitBox, there was another similar streaming site that popped up called GamingLive. I feel both are valid choices for very small delays.


Today during the stream, @DB_Sinclair said the names of many Twitch streamers.
Who were going to stream during the weekend.

Did anyone write it down?


• Sacriel - early in the morning this weekend
• Prod1gyx - all weekend
• Towelliee - mornings this weekend
• ii_Jericho_ii with firefoxx420 - 6PM today
• GoldGloveTV - 7PM today
• CohhCarnage and his Cohilition network - 12-3PM on Saturday and Sunday
• Lirik - this weekend
• TheJustinFlynn - this weekend
• Professor Broman - 4PM Sunday


Thanks for that DB :slight_smile: I’m e-mailing 2K to see if I have a shot. Probably not just because I’m a small fish in a big pond :’(


Madd as awesome as your are man they are all partnered Twitch streamers. I wish you luck though :thumbsup:


Start a petition to get you a copy of Evolve to start streaming for the community.

Hell I’d support that, you have put out more quality gameplay videos for Evolve than anyone else I have seen online.


Thanks for your support. I sent out an e-mail, who knows what will happen :slight_smile:


I no longer use HitboxTV (Now at (Old one was due to them allowing some content on there that I heavily disagree with. However when I was using their service… I noticed the following:

  • Their support for unknown (Not partnered, many viewers) users was at the beginning really great. However, over time it got worse and worse and it was obvious they just didn’t have the man power to answer everything.
  • Their quality can be quite superb… and even when a viewer is having issues maintaining the bitrate I heard it just dropped frames or pixelated the image a bit. None of the buffering/skipping/stuttering that Twitch had.
  • The delay has changed over time. When it first started off, it was less than 3 seconds (Yes, less than 3 second delay!) and and hit a curb and jumped up to 10-20sec, but finally settled back down to below 5 sec. This was over the course of a few months.
  • All your exposure will be from outside Hitbox. Don’t expect to get many viewers on this streaming platform just for being on there. You’ll need to heavily advertise yourself on forums, reddit, games, ect. in order to move viewers over from Twitch to your stream. It’s really hard to get viewers basically unless you already have an audience from Twitch.
  • Their website’s overall look is much sleeker than Twitch. It also has a lot of integrated things like polls, social media feeds, ect.
  • Their archive (VOD) system is pretty bad… I suggest keeping a copy of your livestream on your hard drive and don’t expect Hitbox to save everything properly. When Cosmoi[/i] thought about switching over to Hitbox there was a lot of exposure and the speedrunning community then deemed that Hitbox is a bit too unstable with it’s VOD system to trust it as a legit source of verification for speedrunning.
  • Their emotes > Twitch emotes.
  • Does not have a proper directory or separator of any sort for games. It’s most viewers to least viewers on the front page.

That’s about all I can remember at the moment. In a bit of a rush and will add more here if I remember.


Thanks @3bx - I just tried both again, both have good video quality, but it seems I might have to can my bitrate a bit on Twitch. I get buffering and stuff even though my avg NY Server ping is under 25ms!!

I think I’m going to go ahead and stick with Twitch.


@VonHenry Your bitrate can’t go over 3500, unless you are partnered (They won’t admit it). Going over 3500 bitrate (or having VBR) may cause the servers to kick you off and end your stream prematurely. They have also called it an abuse of their service if you stream at too high a bitrate.


Gosh no, I was at 2300. Guess it’s just the monster that is Twitch. I had ZERO lag at Hitbox.

Just ran a test, if I use SpeedTest (meh) 75+MB/s UP!! Using (my prefered) I’m 50+MB/s UP!
So it’s not me :slight_smile:


During prime time (Any time past 6pm in the states) and Fri/Sat/Sun, expect a lot of people to be streaming. Sometimes theiri[/i] servers can be overloaded and people will have trouble streaming. Also keep in mind that the US occasionally suffers from major DDoS attacks targeting New York, California, and Seattle which can interrupt these services and any other services that are in those areas, or route through those areas. So, if you’re playing a game on a New York server and New York databases are being hit hard… your game (Which isn’t being directly targeted) will lag to the server.

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