Twin orbitals


Apparently I did a double orbital when playing with Aegis and the gang.

Double Orbitals!?

2:05:00 - 2:08:00 During the first proper engagement with the Kraken.

I want that bug fixed even if its a visual one. I got questioned for hax D;<

Some insight: I threw down the orbital and pressed the number three that re opens the orbital while holding down and unleashing the orbital. I think it double deployed them as a result although im not sure since I havent tested it since then.


Lel still pretty cool




I dont even…


I think there must be some kind of deeper meaning behind that double orbitals. Hmm…


It’s Hank’s beard it has given you this gamebreaking glitch as a sign of your worthiness,Tread carefully the beard is all knowing.



Now hank is evolving? :open_mouth:


Nice. I feel very entitled now >:D


Welcome To the gaming community :wink: