Tweaking Wraith (Nerf&Buff)


First off, feel free to skip through!

Sorry for the length and if Wraith doesn’t see any change, then personally I’m still content with the game and Wraith - it’s so fun!

Second, I like Wraith, the subversive style of combat is refreshing and healthy for diversity. However, the thing about Wraith that I think should see change is her Decoy. To me, the Decoy currently isn’t reflective of what Wraith is - the mobility monster. The current Decoy seems to be stretching her identity - Wraith is practically a stealth monster too.

As such, I think the following tweaks to Decoy would emphasize mobility and displacement over hiding/decoy spamming. Ideally this establishes Wraith’s identity as a highly mobile, hit & run glass cannon. Which also frees up the other identity to develop a holistic stealth monster (spider-scorpion?), that can be focused on ambushing and trapping hunters.

New Decoy:
Invisibility removed
Traversal-warping enabled during usage
Decoy runs away after ‘attacking’ someone
Damage scales up from 0% with Supernova (AKA only a Supernova-Decoy does damage)
Decoy doesn’t run away if in a Supernova
Wraith can attack during Decoy, doesn’t cancel it
Duration doubled (to 10 seconds)

Explanation: Invisibility is entirely unnecessary for Wraith, gut it. Traversal-warping is actually important to have up when using Decoy now - no invisibility. Decoy fights like an idiot which makes it obvious enough, if it at least ran away after a faux-swing it would look more believable as a Wraith tactic. Tying Decoy damage to Supernova nerfs the offensive power of it alone. Wraith fighting with Decoy up encourages it to actively deal with hunters. With all of these drastic changes to performance, the Decoy should last longer. Putting points into the ability after evolving increases the duration and lowers the cooldown.

This is the general direction I think Decoy should go in though, because it’s actually representative of Wraith’s monster niche. Perhaps some or all of my ideas wouldn’t work out well, regardless I’m interested to know what the community thinks. A lot of people seem to think she is OP/broken so I wonder if this attempts to solve that in their perspective.

Remember how the Decoy in the reveal trailer ran away and the real Wraith was watching it all from the back? This could actually happen if these changes were made!


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