Tweaking Wildlife to Make Shear More Immersive (god damn mammoth birds!)


I made a similar post on macman’s other thread but I want to also branch it out into a separate thread. It seems insulting to the overall atmosphere of danger to Shear that the most damaging and consistently dangerous wildlife are the mammoth birds. It seems comical that more than venomous dogs, mauling blitzleopards, deathrolling tyrands, and pulverizing sloths that mammoth birds with their extreme damage and range on their jolts scare me the most. I’ll gladly jetpack over a tyrant but I’ll steer far clear of them.

For the sake of immersion, I propose that mammoth birds get their damage or range reduced while simultaneously boosting other wildlife damage to compensate. I know mammoth bird jokes are funny but should we really be laughing at Shear?


I hear all these stories of Mammoth Birds, and have been killed by one as a Monster, but I still don’t see them as bad enough to get this kind of hate. Stop this senseless hatred!

Serious question though, why are they called Mammoth Birds???

I know we have flightless birds on Earth, but I haven’t seen that these creatures have wings to flap like Ostriches, Turkeys, and Penguins still have.


Mammoth Birds are the trolls in the game.


They look like giant, demented squid chickens.


They’re actually carnivorous, loosely evolved sea creatures that hunt Spotters. Those legs are actually just specialized tentacles.

They always had a taste for blood, so don’t be surprised they now hunt YOU!!! (5th monster Mega Mammoth Bird confirmed)


I remember I was playing as support and we just got out of a fight against a Goliath. I was on a sliver of health and our medic died out in the fire entirely.

Next thing I knew a flock of Mammoth Birds were following me and I had a mini panic attack XD

Probably had my loudest scream ever in that game!

Otherwise I find that Mammoth birds are either pain in the ars for hunters and, although a tasty snack for the monster, does also take away some armor.