Tweak to Monster Projectile Abilities


I’ve been playing Left 4 Dead recently and I have just learned that you can shoot the concrete block that the Tank throws, and I’ve been thinking how this may work in Evolve, here is how it would work:

Monster activates ability(Lava Spit, Rock Throw, Warp Blast, Lightning Strike)
BEFORE the ability is done, the Hunters have a chance to shoot a vulnerable part and must deal a set amount of damage to said part (mind you, it would be a team effort to cancel the ability)

Goliath: Simple. Just shoot the damn rock.
Kraken: Shoot the tentacles that he uses for melee during his LS.
Wraith: Not sure, maybe shoot her in the head during Warp Blast?
Behemoth: Another simple one. Shoot him in his ugly mouth.


That would suck if people could shoot my rock throw when I play Goliath.


It also sucks when you get hit by a fully upgraded Rock Throw. I’m guessing you perceive my idea as when the rock gets damaged the ability is cancelled, however that is not the case as I think there should be a set amount of damage dealt to cancel the ability. (should have stated that in the OP)


Goli: having my boulder smashed to bits with a machine pistol would infuriate me
Kraken: easy fix is the shields
Wraith: Kinetic engery, inertia idk physics! a bullet would not stop warp blast
Bob: just why :’( tongue grab is already so inefficient

I might agree to maybe a slightly hard to perform pounce counter attack
but other wise nah, L4D was designed that way because its a fair 4v4(+ai)


For the Behemoth, I meant Lava Spit, not tongue grab. It seems I should have been more specific, there would be a set amount of damage dealt to said spot and to reach the damage threshold would require team effort, not one machine pistol taking out a Goliath’s rock.


Okay that makes more sense to me now, especially if you had a well placed Parnell shot.
would definitely help in terms of reviving teammates


I dislike it simply because its a direct nerf to monsters and would give the hunters an advantage given they can cancel out the monsters main damage dealer, cutting off large amounts of damage. Maybe I could get behind this if the abilites did more damage when they land to make up for all the countered ones, otherwise, it would cause monsters to be UP as hell


Oh now i understand got yeah. Yeah I just didn’t understand your first idea is all.


I was horrified at the idea until he expanded on it lol


See these are all skillshots. If you’ve been hit by a Rock Throw you were either caught in a bad spot, outsmarted, your team is worthless or the Monster has godlike aim. He deserves that damage.


Yea only time I can ever land a decent hit with rock throw is when they don’t have time to dodge it…But I do see what op is getting at but NAHHHH don’t give the hunters a big advantage like that


Hunters don’t need any more advantages. The only Monster that needs changes is Kraken and that’s because he’s bugged. It would be foolish to add any sort of Monster nerf right now.


Yeah, I agree with Midnight. The skills shot, long range abilities are the hardest to land, easiest to dodge, that’s why they’re the heavy hitters. I hardly like taking rock throw as Goliath because it is already easy to dodge, and if they do you wasted your ability. If it could just be blasted to bits by Markovs auto locking lightning gun, you would never land a rock. Teams would see it coming and blast it to bits, it wouldn’t be to hard.


At most, it should make the Lava Bomb explode early.

Or make the Rock Throw shatter, dealing less damage; but cause that damage to be in a circle. Like a Bouncing Betty.

Kraken, I don’t see a bullet affecting air; or even lightening for that matter.

Wraith, how are you going to stop energy with a bullet? ^.-

Idea doesn’t work that well on quite a few characters.


I also see how it would work so much better with certain characters, in theory and in practicality. Markovs Lightning gun locks onto Banshee mines, making him pretty effective at fighting Kraken. So his lightning gun would auto lock rock throws and they would never reach him. Whereas i feel Hyde would have a harder time with his flame thrower. This honestly sounds like it would skyrocket Markovs win ratio.