Tutorials for Variations?


I have seen many new players that have no idea that tripping Rogue Vals heal burst doesn’t help your teammates or that TS Hank shield charger doesn’t help in combat…

Its probably because there is no tutorials for them and with more and crazier variations probably on the way it does ask the question: why no tutorial videos for variation?

I hear TRS is trying to lower update size by not having videos in each update but I still feel that for newer players it is essential to know how to use each character

What do you guys think?


All of the tutorial videos are being removed in the future. Like, there won’t be any in-game at all, for any of the characters. Not sure if it’s the next patch or the following one (with so much time, I think it’ll be the upcoming one), but they’re all being removed from the game and likely posted on youtube.

Just thought I’d let you know.


O really? I feel bad for the new players :frowning:


That’s funny because they were removed for new players. In order to keep the download size smaller, they decided to remove them.


Man I actually really like them videos /: I personally never minded having a bigger download


Really, the game already has a ridiculously huge file size for what the game is. If it is going to be this big as is they might as well keep the only aids in the game for what a small amount that they add compared to the base game.


The tutorial videos are massive. Full game resolution videos take up a lot of space. I would imagine about 1/3 or more of the base game file size is just the tutorials.


I think it’s more size of the game on their PC/console. It’s a large game, so TRS needs to save on every byte of space.


They said they’ll be keeping the tutorials on the youtube channel. Maybe they can add variation tutorials as well. I don’t know which dev deals with this stuff, so if someone does know please tag them.