Tutorial Videos Need to be Updated


Ok so with patch 9 in the works and all, I thought it would be nice if trs, could maybe update the tutorial videos. I would gladly do it, but I dont work for TRS nor do I have the equipment to do such. I just feel it would be nice, because with the newest version of wraith coming out, it woulnt make any sense to have these tutrorials explain how she USED TO function as a monster. Anyone else agree with me?

  1. Tutorials are being completely removed from the game.

  2. Unlikely that they’ll be updated.

  3. Her “assassin” archetype is already set in stone in terms of marketing, that includes invisibility, so changing it won’t do much. Just extra effort for little to no payoff.


Yes, a few of them need updating the way they currently are, and more will need updating when TU 9.0 drops. Like it still says that Hyde’s Toxic Grenade slows the Hunters down but that changed months back.

Like @10shredder00 said, the end goal of TRS is to remove the tutorials from the game to free up space. I’m not sure exactly what they’ll do, but most likely there will be a YT link or something for you to watch them. They won’t simply just disappear forever.

BUT, it needs to be done at some point. New players coming to the game now won’t know the difference and will just get confused by watching them and getting the wrong information.


Agreed with the final point, although I’d always prefer them in-game.


Yep, I think that they should not fundamentally change character abilities in the first place, but at the very least, they should update the tutorials. Like, the Hyde grenade as mentioned.


I mean I am ok with the changes. I just wish the video tutorials would be dealt with thats all. But if they plan to remove them all off the game that is fine as well.


If they remove those tutorials I would prepare for a lot of confused and bad players for a while.


Ever played in Quickplay? Plenty of em out there already. Like they never even watched the videos in the first place.

"No, Caira, I don’t need any healing. It’s cool. Just keep shooting napalm grenades at the Monster :sweat_smile: :gun: "


What!? If the tutorial videos are all removed, then the acheiment will probaly be unlockable. Aw man, just got my new account too.


They’ll probably remove the achievement.


yea, they kinda do need an update, sucks they are getting removed, loved Caira’s voice! [quote=“10shredder00, post:10, topic:83332, full:true”]
They’ll probably remove the achievement.
problem is that it has to go through the game company, Sony, Xbox, etc. because it goes in their system, getting it approved is probably their last priority…


I was about to ask about that.

EDIT: I just got the trophy today.


You mean more than before? I agree.


They can take out the achievement . But I question it

Because only characters tutorial will be removed . Game tutorials will stay


Sounds like a job for the Kaiser.


So glad i’ve plated the game,wtf would they take out an achievement that’s so stupid!


Well if TRS removes the tutorial videos, anybody who gets the game afterwards, or hasn’t watched the videos would have an achievement/trophy that is broken and impossible to get. Which for some who play a lot to get all the achievements/trophies this gets to be a little more than an annoyance, and it’s really just not fair. So the best thing to do is simply remove it.


And replace it. :slight_smile:


Why they taking the tutorials out? Is it for more space or something?

I guess PC would get to keep it as space isn’t a issue on that is it?

As long as I get to keep the trophy and platinum I’m not bothered.


The idea was to reduce the size of the game’s footprint.