Tutorial videos for new players


was just searching around google and found this video on youtube that includes all the hunter and monster tutorials (Basic, Advanced) with dlc characters. the video is not uploaded by me. but i think its gonna be helpful for new players to understand the game more.
The videos are from the LEGACY EVOLVE.
And as we all know there are a lot of changes in the EVOLVE STAGE 2.
So i will point out the changes below. other than that everything is mostly the same.

Not posting the character changes here. these are just the class abilities changes. Forcharacter changes take a look at the patch notes.

Class abilities: If you are wondering what is class abilities, basically its the ability that you activate when you press 4 (not NUMKEY4) on your keyboard.

Assault: Assaults used to have a personal shield that you could use to shield yourself from damage and gave you temporary invulnerability . Now it has been changed with DEFENSE MATRIX. basically defense matrix will protect you from damage but you still get really really really less damage while the defence matrix is active. thats why u should deploy this ability when u have like half health and monster is attacking you.


Trapper: Trappers used to have the mobile arena and they were the only ones who could deploy it and they could deploy it whenever they desired. Now its been changed with PLANET SCANNER. You can use this ability to temporarily see where the monster is so you dont have to run in circles forever.
So what happened to mobile arena? – Well now everyone can deploy the mobile arena when the monster is in the range. Now you cant just deploy it whenever you want. You can only deploy it when the monster is in range. That means no more trolling around xD


Support: Supports used to have cloaking field. It could cloak hunters nearby support for a period of time. Now its been changed with SHIELD BURST. When you trigger this ability, it will give a short amount of shield to anyone who is nearby support including support himself. So support players use it if ur teammate is getting focused to help them out or you can use it for yourself if u r getting focused by the monster.


Medic: Well medics used to have the healing burst and they still have the healing burst. so thats that. Use the healing burst to replenish a chunk of teammate’s health instantly. Remember that your healing burst can not cover a huge amount of distance. So you have to go near the teammate you want to heal for the heal burst to take effect.

All that said here is the tutorial video. New players must watch