Tutorial Videos as Optional (Free) DLC


So since the whole goal of TRS as of now is to completely remove tutorial videos from the game (with Kala being the beginning of this revolution) we can expect to see all of the tutorial videos ripped out and uploaded to YouTube.
Now, in a sense of saving space this is genius. Videos take up a very large amount of memory for providing something that is arguably so little and it even saves download time for new players coming to the game.
However, those like myself prefer to see things in-game rather than having to Alt+Tab or completely leave the game just to get that information, hence why people like me rejoice when news of Matthew wanting a way to add the dropship audio and small-talk that give off a lot of the lore to be in-game in some sort of menu as it makes it less of a Destiny Grimoire card kind of situation where lore is locked away outside the game forcing players to break immersion just to learn lore.

This sort of ease of access is simply amazing for people who share my opinion. I for one though, would still prefer to see this in-game and while I understand why they are being removed I also see other ways around it. My most recent idea being that we should make them optional DLC packs.

For example, there is a DLC in the Steam Store labeled “Kala Tutorial Videos”, in this free and optional DLC you can decide to download Kala’s tutorial videos into your game and watch them like any other tutorial we currently have in-game. This would allow for people like me who prefer everything to be found in-game rather than having to leave it to find information to enjoy the fact that we can view it while in-game while it will also benefit new players and players wishing to save space because they can completely delete these videos or simply not download this DLC if they so choose.

##TL;DR Make the Tutorial Videos viewable on YouTube and as optional free DLC. Those who chose not to download it will be able to view them on YouTube and save space while those who choose to download them will have them in-game like we do currently at the expense of space.

I feel as though this is the best way to go about this but I’d like to see other opinions.

Do you agree with my idea? Why or why not, let the discussion begin.

  • Yes.
  • No.

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Separate Free Downloadable Tutorials

If TRS has the time I’m all for it, even though I myself am running out of space on my Xbox One and would not download any tutorials.

Except maybe Emet’s. I don’t know why but I can watch that one over and over.


I would love it. I’m on box one and have 5TB o free space.


I think we all know why we can watch Emet’s over and over :wink:


Thing is, I don’t have the achievement yet for watching all those tutorials. I would be fine with it if it means the achievement gets removed as well.


Why remove the achievement? Either watch them or don’t.


If they remove the tutorial videos, but keep the achievement, then there is no way to actually complete the achievement afterwards. Guess I’m kind of a completionist, although I don’t need to feel the need to rush to get it.


You wouldn’t be able to if they were removed though…


I don’t think they will remove ones that are already there. I could see them not adding new ones down the line.


You just need to watch the base game tutorials and advanced tutorials for the achievement.


I know :sob: Call it laziness. I’ll try doing that during my weekend.


They’re going to be removing all tutorials hence the suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:


My suggestion is to keep them in game so this wouldn’t affect that achievement. If my suggestion wasn’t taken then the achievement would be affected.


However, most achievements mostly refer to the basic tiers and monsters from the basic game. So Tier 1,2,3 Hunter teams and their monster mascots. So videos about all other Hunters and Monsters could potentially be shown elsewhere with a notice in-game where to find them.


That’s just stupid.


This should of been done a year ago. I’m almost certain the 70% of the file size is comprised of those tutorial videos.


I deleted all of mine as soon as I got my achievment, the size of them which was roughly 17GB I believe.


It will hurt players who are not familiar with the character

People in pubs skill is in the flour

If you make that optional … it would hurt them more




The X1 and PS4 have a youtube app, they also have browsers. Want to see tutorial videos? Then click this link and woosh the browser/app opens.

Or players could just open the app/browser and look the official tutorials up.

Making it a download is incredibly unnecessary.

All they’d have to do is have a “grant x trophy/achievement” patch and woosh, problem fixed.

Honestly the removal of the videos makes me oddly excited for what’s next. Whenever people clear space they do it because they’re going to fill it back up with something (literally applies to everything in the universe) so…yes.


How would it hurt them?

So your logic is no because it can be found elsewhere? The idea is here so that people who prefer it in-game can find it in-game. Think of Destiny’s Grimoire Cards. They’re found outside the game but with no option to see them in game.