Tutorial Hints in Kraken Video


Will these be permanent? The “Armor Gone” or “You need help” or “Elite wildlife give perks” as an example, will those go away after a few games like they did in L4D?

They seem helpful but there seem to be a ton of them cluttering the screen and once we learn the game some might prefer for them to not be there.


Can you imagine the release of the game Without the simple option of disabled these indications…? (or keep them enable)


Yeah that’s the Game Coach, straight out of L4D. It automatically stops showing you hints once you’ve demonstrated you know how something works.


That’s what I figured, thanks for the confirmation!


Will it always alert you when the monster has lost all its armour?


Anyway you actually see it on its life so…


Probably. Unless people don’t like it. We find that both teams appreciate the notice. As a monster, it’s your wake up call. As a Hunter, it’s a nice motivator to do some real advantage.

When watching someone else play, you are a lot more aware. When you are playing, you get tunnel vision and more noticeable key moment indicators can be helpful.