Tutorial and Keys

So when I first booted up Evolve, I had 4500 keys. Played the tutorial and got nothing.

Isn’t it intended to have 3000 keys (founder) and then gain 750 for playing the tutorial, or does the game think I’ve already done the tutorial because I did it pre-stage 2?

That’s a good question, I am honestly not sure. I should have paid more attention when I first did the tutorial. Did you do both?


I had 4500 keys when I first logged in. Did both tutorials, and still 4500 keys

Actually going to page @Gertz to this one.

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Same here. Didn’t get any keys from the tutorials

The Tutorials do not award any currency; the hunter Tutorial unlocks Markov and the Monster one unlocks Goliath.

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From Evolve: Stage 2 Release Notes 2.00 (PC Only)?

If the tutorials were never intended to award currency, the patch notes might need a little tweak :slight_smile:

The patch notes are referring to the fallback values in Keys in the case that a player already owns Markov or Goliath…no one unlocks them until they complete the Tutorial challenges so there shouldn’t be a way that this could happen.

@Insane_521 Can you update the patch notes for clarity

Done. Sorry for the confusion.

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Ah! I thought that founders would have Gol and Markov auto unlocked so would get a bunch of keys instead - thanks for clarifying

@TheMountainThatRoars you mind closing this please? :slight_smile:

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