"Tusk" the movie


So I decided to watch a late night movie before sleep. And I came across a movie on Amazon, that was free. So I figured I might aswell watch it. But here’s what I learned:


It is literally the wierdest shit I have ever seen. If your into that kind of stuff, go right ahead, I am NOT coming with you.


Yeah, I watched this movie too. EXTREMELY strange. Not scary or suspenseful or well made at all, just…eeew. NO jumpscares, no atmosphere, nothign clever or frightening at all. The entire movie was just like *wtf why am I defilign ym PC with this **?!


So fuckin’ wierd… Remember the end when they have a walrus fight? That was pretty funny, I’ll admit


That part was just like whaaaaaaaaaaa? :stuck_out_tongue: I admit I did chuckle a bit (read: A lot) at that. It was like WHAT THE HELL?! :joy: Everyone who worked on that movie must’ve been on all kinds of drugs…


The perfect movie to re-think your life :slight_smile:


In a nutshell. :stuck_out_tongue: Makes you wonder what the hell you’re doing watching something like this. >.>


Makes you wonder why everyone isn’t watching something like this. ^.-


Makes you wonder how this was even thought up…


Because Kevin Smith never listened when his mother said not to do drugs.

@Shin Stop man, you don’t even…


Its just strange how Kevin Smith went from stuff like Clerks to this.