TurtleRock.. What have you done


Why is it suddenly impossible to play as the monster… Your shield goes down twice as quick, your health doesnt last no where near as long and for some reason, all the new hunters have the ability to wipe you out in a matter of seconds…
I’ve throughly enjoyed playing this game as the Goliath, it’s a hard battle but always fun, now it’s crap… The behemoth is ridiculously slow, the abilities are buggy and again, shield and health don’t last at all… Throughly disappointed with this new update, glad I didn’t pay £11.99 for the new monster, I feel sorry for those suckers who have…


I feel sorry for the people who can’t have fun when they are forced to adapt to new things.


Why should I be ‘forced’ when the game was brilliant before… Why change an entire game.


Games evolve just like everything else.


Because adding new variety and content is a good thing?


I see what you did there.




Good monsters can still wreck teams, our team destroys most monsters (like skirmish is rarely challenging anymore as most players get absolutely ruined unless they get the sloth perk or CDR) but there are some monster players on our friends list that are capable of making our team look like a bunch of blind randoms. True story.

If you’re struggling to play monster vs good players then I suggest going observer in a game to learn the habits of good monster players. Helped me a lot. Add me and I’ll look out for you when we’re next doing custom games (bear in mind we play custom games without elite wildlife, and we still have monster players that can wreck teams.) PSN - canyoufelix


Having no problems as Behemoth, I’ve won 4/5 games as it (the one loss was my first game as him), the key is to play smart, don’t give up too easily and just adapt and get used to the monster(s), if you are having troubles I’d recommend playing against the AI.

Speaking of which I played a game as the Behemoth yesterday, got to stage 2, found by the trapper, got Hank’s orbital strike on me + Torvald’s Mortar, lost half of my health straight away, rolled the hell out of there, hunters got cocky and split up whilst looking for me, picked them off one by one. Never felt so satisfied.


“When an organism can’t adapt, it stops being powerful enough to compete with thos which can.”

It’s not impossible to play Monster. Heck, I even became better at Monster ever since T4 became a thing. It’s weird, but I find it fun to kill trappers who just don’t seem to get that boosting to me and dropping the arena is going to make them die while their medic is still sooo far away…


Also the patch unleashed the Kraken.


Good, if adding this new content does not make obsolete lots of other content.
Because then it actually decreases variety.


-just finished annihlating a T4 hunter team as behemoth- sorry i cant hear you over the sound of this moving volcano please speak louder.

no seriously. i love behemoth so freaking powerful. he moves like a earthquake and rolls out faster then sanic. and his evolve roar. GOD. it sounds like a earthquake


Also I have a thought … if the idea was to offer “premium” (OP) DLC content - for various reasons, perhaps also to attract casuals who got bored earlier - why do not make it OP on both sides. Killer hunters and killer Behemoth. And actually no other monster melts down so fast against T4 like Behy :wink:


I’m sorry? What’s that? I can’t hear you over the sounds of screaming lava-drenched hunters.

Honestly, if you can’t adapt to the new Tier, maybe you shouldn’t be playing this game. That’s not me being a dick, I’m being honest. This game is highly skill and strategy based, and if you can’t evolve (heh) your skills and your strategies than, well, maybe this game just isn’t your speed.

Look at me. When T4 came out, I hated the hunters for their “OPness”, and I hated Behemoth for his “UPness”. Than I got better. I learned the hunters weaknesses, Behemoth’s strengths, and now I wreck as Behemoth, especially against T4.


If things were perfect the new hunters would not be getting confirmed nerfs.


Like the people complaining Wraith is useless now? You know, the ones who still play Wraith as “supernova, decoy and run!” all match.


That’s funny. I see what you did there.


Why didn’t you say so when wraith was sitting comfy at 60%? :wink:


Lol your Wraith can be quite annoying =P