TurtleRock should buy the rights to From Softwares Bloodborne Hunter!


It could be our first melee hunter! He can have the best jet pack, strongest shield, most damage, and he can absorb blood echoes from the creatures on shear so when the monster goes to feast on something for shield and evolve points he gets 0 nutrients and doesn’t get a shield or evolve points :smiley: 10/10 plan everyone applaud! But really that last part should totally be put to use in a new hunter just make it so he reduces how much the monster gets not make it so the monster gets nothing, a nutrient zapper you should totally add that!


That doesn’t sound OP or completely unreasonable at all!

(also, make your trolls a bit less obvious next time.)


Does everything have to be serious where you come from?


But he actually would need. The best shield and damage cause what would be the point of a melee hunter if he didn’t have a better shield and more damage than other assaults.