Turtlerock pls make skins have particles to monsters abilitys


Wouldn’t it be awesome to have behemoths fissure be green for jade or goliaths fire breath be red for savage. I mean come on how badass would that be.


Commonly asked question. I doubt they will do it.


I’d rather they make the evolution textures MATCH the skins.

Kind of off putting seeing a purple or green Kraken covered in black/blue bubbles and growths that are obviously just the colors of the default skin. Yes that is a very petty thing to complain about but I notice it every day, every time I evolve.

The other thing I want to see is monster glow that matches the skin colors, bog Goliath with green glow, cosmic with purple, etc. It would look SO MUCH COOLER. That could lend a hand to the OP’s suggestion, bog Goliath with green flames, etc.


I’ve got allot of skin idea’s I would love implemented. I mean look at some of the threads I’ve made. : /


mmmm bubbling molten gold as my goliath evolves


I would like a ice themed Goliath that changes flame breath to blue. Particle effect changes in the skins would make people think they’re worth buying more probably.
I would love a Wraith skin that changes supernova’s colors, turn it into a dark hazy mist. Instead of the crazy techno gas of death.


I’d be just as happy if the skin would change their armor bioluminescence.


Some of them do already.


Downside to any of these suggestions is that changing colors of some abilities or glows is going to weight a fight. Green glowing bog Goliath will be hard to spot in a bush, etc. or the blue flame may be too bright and literally blind players or something along those lines. As freaking amazing as the ideas are, they’re are more than likely going to cause more problems then they are worth (hard to weight that scale; alternate glows would be epic!)

Only way I could see this is if the glow was treated separate from the skin. That way you could further customize your monster while not having to make a bunch of different glows that, if they matched the skin, would make them too hard to spot. Essentially take all the Glow colors now (and any future ones) and be able to put them on whatever monster you want. Goliath could have Wraith’s purplish white glow and so on. Keeps it easy to spot while still making it different. Thoughts?