@TurtleRock Devs: Why did you chose to make groups unable to play as the Monster?


Honesly, I’d like an official answer from the devs, not speculation or guesses from the community. If I’ve missed a post where they explain, I’m sorry please link it to me here so I can read it.

For context, I don’t have too much fun as the monster and getting placed into a lobby with a 3-4 person group results in me getting burned out on the monster very quickly and just exiting Evolve entirely after 1-2 games instead of 10-20. I don’t mind occasional games as the monster (1-in-5 sounds entirely acceptable), however, as I said, playing monster every game or every other game is not fun to me.

tl;dr; The “groups can’t play the monster” rule makes a solo player want to quit the game. Wants Dev’s reasoning for screwing them.


I’m a solo player, and when I set monster to prio 5 I maybe got it once. You’re just plain unlucky methinks.