Turtle Rock's Prioritized To-do List: My 60-Hour Check-In [Poll]


Poll: Which addition do you think is most urgently required?

  • Free Roam
  • Mechanic Tutorials
  • Bestiary and Stats
  • Matchmaking Options
  • Separate Winstreaks

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In one of my recent games I was commented on in the post-game voice chat and it really got me thinking. One of the hunters was impressed that I was doing some sort of trick that involves throwing a rock as you fall, when I have only played for 60 hours.

This made me aware of 2 things:

  1. I had 60 hours of playtime accumulated when I felt no more knowledgeable of the game than I did at 20 hours.
  2. A game that continues to present new intricacies after this many hours still has no facilitation for players to even become aware of them.

These are pretty serious issues with a game that already exists in a niche genre, and is trying to take itself seriously with things like Ranked play and Tournaments. Personally, I don’t take this game seriously, despite what some salty players may have accused me of post-game. It’s far too skill independent for me, and honestly feels like a Mario Party mini-game with more swearing and less tutorials.

I don’t look at my 80% Goliath win rate and think “Yea, I’m a good monster.” I look at my win rate and think “Man, nobody knows how to play this game.” This kind of polarization of the player base isn’t being helped at all, in fact it’s being made worse with the introduction of the alternative maps. 90% of games end up decided on how the players are distributed on either side of the invisible rule book.

  • Free Roam

  • Forcing people to learn the maps and routes through actual matches is ridiculous and is quite possibly the #1 cause of new players abandoning the game. There is no reason a Free Roam mode for all maps (including alternatives) shouldn’t be possible through the Custom Game settings.

  • Matches are not fun when they are very obviously being determined by who knows more of the rules. The last thing a player wants to feel is stuck behind a knowledge wall for a game that doesn’t even seem to want you to get to the other side.

  • Hidden Mechanics added to Tutorials

  • Head-shots, Rock Blocks, Vertical Traversals for Swatting, Pounce Break Conditions, Sound Indications, etc.

  • Nothing to say really, another set of things that are standard everywhere else and for good reason.

  • Bestiary and Exhaustive Character Stats

  • Informing players of the dangers of various wildlife is useless if you don’t actually identify them.

  • The actual numbers for every character and wildlife should not exist only on the Wiki, this only serves to further deter new players by putting them behind yet another knowledge wall.

  • Matchmaking options to Enable/Disable/Only alternate maps. (Cataclysm and Overpowered)

  • Will reduce amount of queue dodging since some people simply refuse to play on those maps, which they are perfectly justified to as they pressed the ‘Hunt’ button, not the ‘Stupid Random Mechanics’ button.

  • Additionally some people enjoy testing the new features and the elements of uncertainty, let them do so as much as they please.

  • Separate Monster and Hunter Win Streaks

  • Keeps matchmaking skill levels more defined by preventing win streak losses due to being paired with an incompetent team. (A common occurrence since the game averages skill level for Hunters)

  • Reduces number of unfun stomp games.

[Rant] (for TRS)

I am certain by now that somebody of influence at TRS has decided that revealing too many of the games mechanics will somehow detract from the experience. Well that person needs to be fired for being a pretentious idiot. Nobody wants to play a new game if you aren’t going to teach them how it’s played. Literally saying to go figure out your unique and complex PvP game on their own is telling them you don’t want them playing unless they take their turn getting kicked around by everyone that knows better. Making it free might get more people to try it, but quite evidently the game isn’t worth many people’s time when it’s not willing to meet them halfway.

Nobody is going to like the game any less just because we can see the numbers. Sunny’s drone doesn’t get less cute if we know how much health it has, Jack’s crush on her doesn’t get any less funny just because I know how much damage the Survey Satellite does.
Nobody is going to decide to drop the game just because they don’t have to figure out how fast their reload is.
So fucking quit it with the curtains, people try the game to compete in a unique way, not to get canonized by frustration and perk advantages.



Free Roam, Separated Winstreaks, and a Bestiary would be nice, but Tutorials are direly needed. There’s been a flood of new players and about half of them don’t know a lot of the game’s features.


Nobody’s gonna listen to your thoughts if you’re just gonna act super passive aggressive tbh.


how the f*** did tutorials get more votes than matchmaking options? :^)




I’d rather remove winstreaks altogether/make an option to have them be invisible/replace winstreaks with something that would generate silver keys based on an invisible winstreak stat, because I think going into the match and it saying “this person has won their last 12 matches in a row” (when they actually have, and they’re not me in Co-Op v A.I. farming winstreak for the keys) just doesn’t actually help anything, it either makes the Hunters not want to play or it makes the Hunters want to win.

As for the rest of your post, kick ass. I think they could use all of these things. Plus free roam with the wildlife would be like paradise for me.



They are literally making more and more things transparent in game with every patch.


Not only was that mean af (it’s ok you’ll get flagged),but that certainly isn’t helping your case.


I like the idea of the bestiary because it would be cool to have a 3D model spinner for wildlife


I would like matchmaking options to blacklist some russian players i encounter


Agreed on everything, hope that TRS will consider adding those features in due time.


He wasn’t frivolously complaining. He was letting you know that you were coming off as too hostile (as you are right now), and was warning you that people may not take your suggestions because of it.


A report button is what is needed. :slight_smile: From the score screen. Visible at all times


Let’s keep things civilised please. Remember we criticise ideas, not people. :slight_smile:


I’d only like to see win streaks be separated by monster and hunter wins. So if you have 15 wins as monster and decide to play some hunter, your hunter games have their own.


I guess Matchmaking?
Seperate winstreaks aren’t urgent.
Mechanic tutorials are probably second most urgent.
Free roam and Bestiary would both be cool, but aren’t needed.


If you’d like to discuss sensitive topics relating to the forums guidelines on the topics of flagging and censorship, generally the best way to go about it is to bring it up directly to a moderator via PM, rather than furthering the derailment of your own thread. In all honesty, all you are really doing is derailing your own thread and making yourself look bad. Sorry.

On topic, I do rather like your bestiary and character stats idea. I think it would be a nice addition to the game. I also like the idea of the seperate win streaks.

However, I’m not entirely certain about the necessity of Free Roam. Certainly doesn’t feel like a needed feature in the slightest.

I’m also gonna have to disgaree with your matchmaking suggestion regarding disabling map variants and such. It feels like that would only further divide the somewhat small playerbase, increasing wait times for most.


Some of these ideas are alright for the most part.

Free Roam is a thing we already have… it’s called “Customs” vs the AI and yeah you’ll have AI going after you but oh well it’s a custom game so nothing should matter.

Stronger Tutorials are probably the top thing for me. Well not for me but for the nubcakes I play with at times who don’t understand that RVals Heal burst doesn’t work like the other Medics even tho a little reading says so.

Separate Winstreaks seems like a good idea if we must have Winstreaks to begin with.

Bestiary and Stats in-game seems like a good idea instead of going for an outside source. I mean look at Destiny. They did that with their Grimore (?) and a lot of people hated that crap… among other things in Destiny.

Matchmaking Options seems like a solid idea. Dunno why TRS is worried about hurting the population spread if we have more than one playlist especially when it’s FTP. Although I can understand why they would remove Arena since Stage 2 Hunt is basically “Mobile Arena” and not really Hunt anymore. Shit it’s not even Hunting when you have a beacon coming from the Monster apparently. It’s just “Follow the Radar.”

Anyway aside from Free Roam and the OPs attitude it’s all pretty solid ideas.


I’d like to see some sort of restriction of which characters you can play in ranked. Like linking it to character level instead of account level. Maybe thats just the Frustration because I tried explaining the shield mechanic to 2 Tech Hanks today who wouldnt shield up between fights (not even before the first one)


I’m at the point where I cannot even identify the offending parts of my posts, so seeing as they all are going to be hidden anyways I won’t be keeping up with the thread or probably any of the forums anymore. It’s pretty pathetic that a dude’s 'tude can cause such a fuss but then again it’s also a pretty prevalent problem in other real life scenarios so perhaps I ought’ve expected it.

Thanks for the support for all who came to discuss the topic instead of my demeanor.