Turtle Rock. Your promise

There are ONLY 90 of you? So 90 people made this game? 90? Are your employees all Jesus or something? You guys Rock… In fact, you Turtley Rock.


Love it. Good stuff ahead I can see. Even though I won’t be buying DLC at full price (Steam sales whoooo!) I’ll probably snatch up any non-vanity DLC you release.

This describes me perfectly. A $100 is a lot to put down for a game. Any game.

But I do plan to buy all the DLC as soon as available and the individual price point does seem a bit high imo. So this monster edition was a great deal to me, saves me about $35 after all of it comes out, I get it as soon as it’s available, and now I don’t really have to put money down on this game again. I put down my flat payment, now I just get to enjoy the game and the new content as it comes out without paying anymore.

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I really hope they make a monster season pass so u get all monsters for a discounted price. I don’t really wanna buy the hunters but any new monster I will buy no matter what!

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Valve isn’t interested in picking up games since they’re focused on Steam and their own projects. When they started Evolve they needed to pitch their idea to publishers to get funding for a big project. THQ took them on but because they had troubles they went belly-up and auctioned Evolve off to 2K.

Competitive, what a shiny nice word.

Now imagine: L4D with a tank, spitter and assault rifle DLC. Yes, we can play with people who don’t have them but if no one have them, are we competitive? Not really, the game is about strategy, because of the asymetric gameplay, and without all the pieces in our hand, we can’t play it “competitive”, like i will not be able to play competitive at chess, if I don’t have tower or queen.

people were complaining during beta that 60€ for the amount of content you want to put in is way too much (60€ for a pc game is way too high, only cod and AC have done that, and they are not the best selling on pc because of that) and announcing that you’ll make a season pass and stuff are really not pleasing people outside of this forum. I hope your game will not fail, but if it’s the case, it’ll not be because it’s a bad game, but because of it’s pricing choice.

But Evolve is designed so you always have one of each class as the hunters. Removing the Tank from L4D, or the spitter, is huge as they are their own specific role within the fabric of the game. The hunters are designed to overlap and have their own style that requires mastering. Playing with Val instead of New Medic #4 doesn’t mean you’re terrible, it just means you can’t use healing totempoles and have to use your healing beam instead… different playstyles, but not better or worse.


This is a terrible comparison. L4D was designed with the intention of some characters playing a required role or being stronger than others. Chess without the rook or queen would be chess without more powerful pieces and down a few pieces.

In Evolve, not having the Behemoth is not going to make you play with one less monster nor are any of the DLC characters intended to be the strongest in their roles. You aren’t down one hunter because you didn’t buy the fourth support, you just play another support who works differently but is just as viable. Heck, you can’t even see your opponent’s choices in the lobby until everybody’s locked in so you don’t need access to every monster or hunter for the sake of counterpicking. You just pick up what you like the look of.


Have you seen their pics? Some of them clearly ARE Jesus. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dat beard do. O_o

TL;DR: ???

if this is another topic crying about the price or pre-order DLC content. i swear…

You know how uninformed people are. :wink:

ya these threads are getting to be really annoying now

That’s just the greatest thing that could have been done and you did it! Thank you for your hard work and your attitude towards the community.


And this, this response just sets my view of always supporting a good game studio like TRS. Nothing more to say except that you guys have my full support.


"When Evolve hits the shelves, none of the DLC will be done. Behemoth won’t be done. None of the planned DLC hunters or monsters will be done. "

The Behemoth and player skins should be part of the game for all …not shifted to “DLC” and charge us $15 add-on post-release coz it’s “not finished”. If these parts are not finished then push back the release date or give it to us when they done. Just feels like your trying to squeeze more cash for suff you haven’t finished in time.

DLC should be kept for larger Map Packs and game modes, etc.

So by this logic the game would never release since they are going to support the game after launch and add more content as time goes by? Or should they do the game to a point release and stop for undefined amoun of months and start planning/doing the expansionafter that time has passed?

or are you saying they should plan the game 4 years ahead of time on what DLC they are going to make?


Their intended full game for release was 3 monsters, 12 hunters, 16 maps (with evac. defend maps). That’s what their original game was planned to contain. Everything else are extras they began work on AFTER they completed the aforementioned parts. They finished the game before getting started on DLC content. Games get finished months before the official release date because they need to be shipped, etc. the game doesn’t “finish” on the date of official release, so now that Evolve had gone gold they are working on DLC content so they can get it out sooner rather than later. Can’t fault them for that. The game they planned for is a complete unit and you get it all with nothing held back.


Two problems with that. For one, 2K may not like the idea of TRS asking to push back the release date and put more money into development. For another, if this was a game developed back before DLC or under a no DLC policy, the content we’re getting as DLC now wouldn’t have been put into the game after holding it back, it would have been scrapped as it wasn’t ready in time or used as a resource when developing a sequel which you would have had to pay for anyway. Besides, not all of the DLC is partly under development upon time of release, some of it may not even be a concept yet. I think it’s fair that when a company gets a new concept they can put some work and money into making it a reality for their fanbase, but that stuff ain’t cheap.

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Their words… “not done” they have been working on it well before it went gold. They are packaging up all the bits they didn’t finish and charging a bomb for labelling it as “DLC”… I know I decide to post in an area where there are a lot of TR fanboys. But come on chaps …your getting shafted.