Turtle rock, will we see improvements to skins?


First, let me say that I love the game. But, personally all of the skins are really underwhelming. The elite monster ones are okay but I still feel like they should be a bit more.

As for the elite hunter skins…they’re not bad but they’re not even really visible to show off to other players. Especially on the character select screen. A lot of the hunters on the select screen are angled so that you can’t even really see the custom skin you have equipped.

I’ve noticed I’m not really the only one who thinks the same.

Again, I love the game but please do something about the skin options. It’s nothing game breaking but it gives more of a sense of personalization and being able to show things off.


I know they’ve said they’ll be improving as time goes on,
I would like to see the Elite skins look like the Albino Mutants in game,
i know its already albino but adding some red to it will look cool,
Especially as Goliath you can’t even see the skin because of the glow lol.
but then again he glows red,
I don’t know they’ll make it work.


I hope so

10 char limit


One time bump


I’d really like to see an overhaul for the skins, looking back at their early stages of the game goliath looked so menacing, I would love it if the elite skin turned goliath Into this beasty…


Omg that looks awesome. Please make that the elite skin lol :stuck_out_tongue: