Turtle Rock Studios, You're Messing Up

Yes, but opinions matter as well. I’ve been seeing some people saying the same thing that the OP is saying, so he isn’t the only one that finds monsters getting less favored than hunters. Having some sort of evidence will help a lot more, but this is still something.


@XcodeX , the original post had almost no feedback in it. This is the definition of feedback.

Information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc. which is used as a basis for improvement.

All he did was asking questions, which were not even… relevant to reality.

Like, this isn’t feedback.

This isn’t feedback.

This isn’t even true, he was buffed. AKA, not feedback.

This isn’t feedback, either.

This is emotions, which is something you wouldn’t even want from someone providing feedback in the first place.

This is the only thing in the post that can be called feedback and it’s not even usefull:

This can be called feedback, but it’s about as much feedback as asking the president to end starvation.

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I agree, when they aren’t shrouded by a rant. People are too quick to type and post things right away. You can remove a lot of unnecessary static from a post by giving it a second read before submitting.

Thereby making the point/focus of the feedback clearer for everyone reading it.

It seems he has a lot of reactions towards the patches. Once you read his whole post it easily shows that he isn’t happy with the changes. Feedback can still show emotions because it goes to show that the consumer isn’t happy, and in which the company has to take into consideration in order to satisfy its audience.

I agree, and if this is the case then yeah, it doesn’t has as much as meaning as it was intended to have.


Nerf some hunters combo and it should be fine.

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Firstly, please see the below topic on feedback. It’s a wonderful guide to making a feedback topic that will not make everyone (me included) think “here we go again” when reading the first few lines of your post.


Goliath is the most balanced monster in the game right now. There’s no reason to change him.

Behemoth got boosts not nerfs. The knockback changes may affect him, but they didn’t seem prevent me long range tongue-grabbing a hunter to me. Don’t see how he became any worse with the patch…

Kraken. I play him a lot. He’s my fav monster, and I have about 70h+ behind him. He NEEDED these changes. I read through the patch notes and was pleased with what I saw, because they echoed the issues I found that kraken has (Issues I noticed by PLAYING AS kraken. Not being on the hunters side.)

Wraith needed her warp blast radius reduced. I still think she needs to be “heavier” so that gravity affects her more and prevents her camping the skies. They do need to buff certain aspects, but I don’t play her enough to comment on that.

Hunters needed to be buffed a bit. They needed to be able to combat kraken more. They’ve had “nerfs” too.

Funny… At stage 3 I feel like I’m toying with most of the hunters I play with… I’ve played some very good teams and it’s come very close. Those were very fun matches. I’ve played games against very good players where I was able to beat them down slowly and dominate at the relay.

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This thread doesn’t apply to me because I main Golaith

Good ol’ Goliath. Good to see almost everyone is fine with his current state! :wink:


The skillcap on coordinated Hunterplay is way higher than what is possible on the Monsterside. Monsters are capped at winning fights in unfavorable positions, because the times where you can choose where to engage properly as Monster are already over in competitive play. In high skill level play we are at the point where that balance shifts towards the Hunters more and more as they can dictate the pace of the game and even have the option of utilizing different strategies, Monsters can only react to this marginally if at all in the current ‘metagame’.

Wraith was already a subpar choice against similarly skilled opponents. Balancing on the WB radius was needed, with a proper compensation. A fix would have been a proper ‘balancing’ of her skillset, as it is Wraith has simply been nerfed and falls down even more into the pit.

Krakens already started losing more and more since #8 ESL go4evolve cup I think. The Gravity fix was badly needed, the nerf? Completely uncalled for. And even paired up with knockback caps and antitumble mechanics in the same update. So much for TRS’s policy to ‘take it slow’ on changes.

Again, Gravity fix & Kraken nerf in so many ways at once.

Pretty much with the tumble change + WB nerf. Trash tier.

Yep, due to him being affected by slows and cc waaaaay more than any other Monster, against good teams he is garbage. Right down there with Wraith at the bottom of the bin.

When the shotgunning is removed in the next title update he will lose quite a bit of viability. So yeah… currently balanced because of an unintended burst damage mechanic.

Balancing should not only be done for high skilled level play but also for casual gamers. Take T4 for example, the whole bunch got a way too high baseline and frustrating to play against skillset to have a ‘balanced’ fight against as a casual Monster.

You for sure did not in the slightest try to discuss anything with that post. It was just antagonizing nonsense to a simple rant.

As for @Hexin_Ex sadly due to so many issues with TRS balancing/design decisions I’m right beside you in that sea of salt right now…


I still love Evolve. Ever since the Alpha.
Changes are nice. It keeps gameplay interesting and its fun to try out new things.

Edit: I’m on xbone. I haven’t tried the patch out, but I will tonight.

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pst the knock back effect .75 seconds >.>

Have to agree about the monster thing.Monsters are getting weaker each patch.

Especially the Kraken hammer.For 3 patches always something changes in Kraken instead of the bug fix which came now.Why not wait to fix the gravity bug and some animation problems he have AND THEN start seeing if it needs adjustments.Mines are nerfed,life is nerfed,speed perk not affecting his traversal,already the slowest monster in order to make distance.


It’s hard to discuss opinions.
If you don’t like ice cream, it’s not much a stranger on the internet can do.
Same if you don’t find monster fun to play, how can I tell you how to have fun?

I simply broke the post down in bite sized chunks so that the OP can come back and explain a bit more detailed.

Well yes, it’s easier for the hunters to experiment with tactics, but in return the monster is much better when it comes to brute force.
When it comes to balance, you don’t have to place the same thing on the other side, you can also just put enough of something different. As long as it balance, it does not matter much. And currently, monsters still stand strong.

Nah, keep in mind that Wraith is harder to play, but not weaker. She is tier 3, remember.
When I use Warp Blast, the target is usually pretty close. I won’t tell people how to play, because that is silly, but a meter less range do not affect my playstyle much.
But I see you mentioned a fix. Not a detailed suggestion, but a suggestion none-the-less. That is what I wanted! The OP only said “Why didn’t you fix her”, he didn’t come up with a suggestion how. As I said earlier, it’s about as helpful as asking the president to end hunger.

Well, of course it’s starting to lose, silly, it’s being nerfed. And the knock back fix is welcome, as it was cheap. Hit a hunter with vortex on a 30 degree angle and they will be rolling like tumbleweed for longer than you need to land a lightning strike.

Nah, I just think you can’t play her as you play Goliath, which most players do and even then, she still have a 50% win rate. While winrate do not have to mean its balances, it’s obviously not an instant death.

Again, I suspect the problem is that people play him as Goliath. While in combat, he do not need to move much, so slows are pretty irrelevant. Outside of combat, slows hurt him a lot, but he is capable of separating a hunter and killing him even at stage 1, so people should be more aggressive.

I have no idea what “shotgunning” is. But if it is an exploit or cheesy strategy(like old behemoths roll/attack spam) then I know I’m not using it and I have no problems with him.

No, I was not talking about that. I was commenting on him complaining he didn’t find monsters fun because he lost even when he got to stage three, so I said that if that is the case, he perhaps wasn’t meant to be a monster player.
I also added a funny remark by referring to his wish for more buffs, by telling him he, as a person, could not be buffed

In the right environment and position. Yet this is by now completely biased towards the Hunters, so Monsters lost a whole lot of their prior effectiveness. The Monster at higher level play is completely at the mercy of whatever the Hunters decide to go for. Better tactics like evolve domes, evolve punishing with Sunny+Parnell+Abe, stalling tactics and a whole lot more are what Monsters have to deal with without any counterplay short of fighting their way through it and in turn pay alot since you are trying to brute force your way to stage 3 on the Hunters terms all the way.

Oh she is weaker since she cannot soak even the slightest misplay and keep going at a reasonable pace.

Not talking about matchmaker casual play here fyi.

TRS is botching the job completely to the point that they make Blizzard’s balance look worthwhile.



And don’t even try to pin that blame on 2K.

None of the monsters are weak i hate when people say that, all of the nerfs and buff go with the hunters/monsters win ratio they said that after thr Beta, they want everything in the 48-52 area, anything higher, the wraith before patching was 70% way to high so they brought it down, anything below gets like Val who had 45% before, if the monsters start dropping they will get buffed


I win %90-%95 of matches as monster. I am consistently able to pull wins with teams that don’t fit the ‘meta’. I disagree that either side is nerftrash and encourage you to try different monster loadouts/perks.

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They just made it a little harder to land abilities as goliath or kraken or wraith I can still chain abilities. You guys are blowing it way out of proportion. Now instead of vortex lightning follow the tumble banshee I actually have to put a little bit of effort into hitting the hunters with lightning strike and hunters don’t have to hope their team mates are shooting the banshee mines they can defend themselves. Most of my damage as goliath comes from rock throw and flame breath so nothing changes there. Wraith warp blast into abduct with a heavy melee and nothing really changes. And i don’t play behemoth.

better shut up or they might stop with balancing altogether and none of us want that…changes are good…and I don’t understand what your talking about I still am undefeated with kraken even after the patch and ive only lost twice with wraith…Its your skill that’s the problem not the changes…I think they’re great

That will never happen. As long as people want balancing then they’re going to get it, regarding the the people who are complaining against the nerfs.