Turtle Rock Studios, You're Messing Up


Why do you dislike the monsters so much?

Why is it with every patch monster players must suffer more and more?

What did we do to deserve this?

Is there a reason to play a monster anymore? Hunters are getting better and better and their fixes get put on top of the stack, and monsters slowly get nerfed and nerfed.

Another Wraith nerf? Why didn’t we get a Wraith fix instead?

Kraken nerf? Why?

You can’t fix the broken aspect of a monster and then nerf them because why the hell not.

Wraith - Pure trash

Behemoth - Becoming garbage

Kraken - Becoming garbage

Goliath - Untouched mostly (Because he is the favorite and poster boy, right?)

Hunters - Buff buff fix buff fix fix, tiny itty bitty nerf, fix fix fix

Just… Online there is no reason to play monster. At all. With each monster nerf Pounce becomes more and more viable as a tactic for actually downing hunters. This isn’t fun anymore. You are robbing monster players of their fun experiences with each patch and it is unfair, very unfair that hunter players are getting more and more ways to easily take out monsters and avoid them and their abilities. It LEGIT makes me want to cry just thinking about what has happened with each patch because I love this game so much and the uniqueness of the 4 v 1 gameplay.

I had hoped this game would be one of the few gems that didn’t obviously favor one side over the other. At Stage 3 regardless of monster you end up feeling like a scared beaten puppy running for your life. This should be enough to tell you guys something is wrong but you just keep finding ways to tilt the scale in favor of hunters.

Call me all the junk you readers want.

“Git gud” “scrub” “noob”

Who cares. Everyone will just make a million threads about how a monster is OP and how hunters are weak.

I have no optimism left for this game, now I can just watch it hit the floor. :frowning:

But hey, at least our skins cover our entire bodies, that makes up for the despair and tears, right?

Why do I even bother making threads anymore. :’(

Goodnight everyone…


I understand what you’re saying, while others may not. Some people will cry out when their favorite character/class isn’t the best.

Playing as a monster has become more of a chore for me now, as I can’t pick Wraith against any decent team, Behemoth is slowly being punished more and more, and Kraken suffers because of a bug that people exploited.

Monsters don’t feel… strong anymore. As a hunter I can go against a monster and not feel threatened. And if I got a Hank/Caira combo on my side, well I guess I won.

Can we return some of the monster’s abilities back to where they were at the beginning? Because with all these Hunter buffs only the launch monsters seem to be any threat now.


monsters still can win games and are strong in a way but it is not much fun for me playing monster anymore. it becomes more and more stressful and annoying, so even when i win against a sunny/torvald combo… i don’t feel much fun after the game.


your only point is the wraight nerf(she needs more armor to compensate for all the recent changes), rest looks good, they nerfed the overperforming Monster Kraken and buffed Behemoth and they nerfed overperforming hunters like Torvald&sunny(last patch) and buffed the weak hunters like val and slim

its a perception Problem because there are far more weak Hunters than monsters in the game


They do?

They do?

Deserve what?

Because monsters started out stronger than the hunters, even when both sides are equally skilled, but now they are getting closer and closer balanced?

1 meter shorter range? Fix what?

Because Kraken was/is the most powerful monster and most popular in high level play?

They can’t? They did?




Because he is balanced?

Because buffing a hunter in order to fix it is not fixing?

So… you are not fit as a monster player? TRS can buff the characters, but they can’t buff you, mate.

Feeling like a scared beaten puppy? Feelings are subjective and tied your your confidence.

This is a forum, not in-game chat. We discuss things, not force our opinions down each other’s throat.

Actually, it is the other way around, but in the end all the monsters got a close to 50% winrate. While it do not mean that monsters are balanced, keep in mind that the hunters also have a near 50% winrate. So any argument for is also viable against.


I dunno, some people like skins, some don’t. Subjective.

Because you want to discuss something?

It’s 11:53 AM here. Get out of bed.

I see a lot of questions. Too bad we can’t discuss opinions because they are subjective.
If you really don’t like, as an example, Wraith, it does not matter how hard I try to convince you she is good.


PC Monster player here.

Goliath – Buggy mess but still usable mostly due to the Leap Smash -> Accelerated Rock Throw spike damage. Bugs on every ability, on every collision, on every traversal. Can be a ball of frustration to play, but still viable due to numbers.

Kraken – Got stealth buff to Lightning Strike as his gravity got fixed this patch. Harder to avoid damage but easier to hit multiple people with Lightning Strike, however the gravity has been needing to be fixed for a long time and Kraken’s win rate has been really high because of it. I’d trade some maximum health for the Lightning Strike buff, yes plz.

Wraith – Only trash against coordinated teams; still wrecks pub games. 2 meters less on the diameter of WB only makes hitting things slightly harder. Abduction and Decoy are still buggy and unreliable. I use Supernova when I can move a Hunter out of line of sight of their team and 5 seconds is enough for melees but not abilities. We all agree there should be a power shift here.

Behemoth – They buffed him a lot this patch. Still seeing some Fissures randomly disappear though.

So far I agree with all the changes in this patch except the hitstun in relation to Sunny’s jetpack booster. Yes, there are certain Hunters that are complete fun killers; this patch is pretty good for a non-title patch, though.


Not on the American West Coast.


“The American West Coast” is not here, it’s there.
I’m talking about here, so stop being silly.


It’s clear to see you don’t agree with us, but was it necessary to break down his whole post and say “Subjective” and “Feeling like a scared beaten puppy”?


I’m talking from our perspective. Regardless of here or there, since our side is not midday, being in bed is still an option. That’s all.


I see what you mean. Whereas I do believe they’re striving for a real balance, my theory is that they favor hunters more because it’s what most people will choose to play, as playing that side is not too different from a standard FPS.


Well, it’s weird, because after all this nerfing, direct or indirect through dodging mechanics and denial of burst damage, the only way to recover balance is to make monster attacks do a lot more damage.


True but then it ends up unbalancing everything else, which causes the whole game to stumble. Balancing is really difficult.


First of all:

Because we can’t discuss if you like ice cream, but he just did. But instead of ice cream, he is talking about monsters. What else am I supposed to do? Because ignoring him would be silly, considering this is a forum.
I quoted him:

He brings emotions into a discussion, that do not work.

What do we call this? Because it’s not true. I still find being the monster fun.
So either I am wrong and he is right, which is weird becouse I’m pretty sure I’m right, or he feel that way, it is his subjective opinion.


It’s doing something to fix that in turn will need fixing. And IMHO the worst thing is to get influenced by people’s opinions. There was no bug with Kraken per se except for the CC not working, and even with that on it loses a lot of effectiveness. But adding up the rest of the changes it’s really weak.
Whereas before he wasn`t unkillable, it was just a good option when used right.

Finally, they didn’t fix the weird zooming while flying. Which is a major bug.


Didn’t see that you quoted him, so my bad on that.

And joy is for losers. Who want’s joy anymore? Stealing joy is much better! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sure they’ll get on that. Some bugs take longer than others, trust me.


I applaud you MrTalha for doing this exact thing. Breaking down negative “Speeches” and reducing them to what they actually are. :clap:


I found it to be more of a Feedback than a Speech. Can someone use this for a speech? :sweat:


nah man, trs do work, they actually care about the player base, its the idiots that always thread about how the monsters are OP because they cant beat it. I don’t know about you, but id rather they at least here us than them just ignoring us and having unbalanced characters