Turtle Rock Studios is run by manatees


I’m pretty sure about this.
Like, 80% sure that the creators are manatees. I love me muh manatees though so it’s okay.


Are you calling us fat?


No, just manatees are actually planning on taking over the world. We need to stop them.


In hindsight this could be offensive
why did I make this thread


You are calling them cows of the sea?

I don’t think any of them have udders or eat seaweed/grass


idk mac’s beard looks like some disguised udders



Manatees come from the lake.

The lake is water.

Do you know what water is made of?



H20 is a compound.

Compounds are large enclosures. Cows live in large enclosures. Now hold on, things are about to get real.

Cows make hamburgers. Hamburgers are sold at fast food chains. McDonald’s is a fast food chain. Mcdonald’s sells big macs. Macs. Macs are made by apple. McDonald’s sells apples in their fruit packs. They have red and yellow. You know what else is red and yellow? The McDonald’s logo. McDonald’s is a trademark name. The trademark logo is the letter R. Red has the letter R in it. The McDonald’s background is red.

McDonald’s sells red meat in their burgers. The meat is red and meat that is also red is red. Red + Red = Red. The illuminatti is green, but hold on, manatees grow green algae on their backs. Coincidence? I think not.

Green is also the color of lettice, lettice is shaped like a ball. The letter O looks like a ball of lettuce, O only has one side, the illuminatti has one eye.

Turtle Rock Devs are Illuminati.


But…their name stats they’re turtles…


How dare you they’re turtles


They want us to think that they are turtles.
Very crafty creatures they are.


Gasp you don’t think… they’ve been fooling us. No the mighty bearded turtles would never do such a thing


Notice none of the dev’s profile pictures are full body shots? That’s to hide their shells and fins.


That explains why Goliath looks like a manatee




OMG I am rethinking my entire life right now


This thread is eliminating all hope I had for the human race.


Guess you better put all that hope into a different race.
Picking one at random, ugh… Manatees?


On Shear, the manatees hide in the bushes, waiting to pounce and disembowel you. ;p


Stop Manateasing me. :wink:


He is refering to the Southpark Episode where Manatees are the writers of Family Guy.
Mystery solved :wink: