Turtle Rock Studio Internship


I am a Computer Science Student pursuing a Bachelor Degree.
On their website they have Open Positions, but they ask for people with 3 years of experience.
But I didn’t find anything about internship.
So, I would like to know if Turtle Rock Studios did intership ?

Curious if TRS fosters any teaching programs

An internship at turtle rock would be so amazing. I’d totally apply if I weren’t already working a dream job.


Pshhh, working at TRS is a dream job. :raised_hands:

Good question though @tuyasa they probably are. You might have better luck giving them a call, or sending out some emails though.


I’m really sorry to say that we don’t have an internship program right now. We’re still a pretty small studio and I think that a lot goes in to setting something like that up, from a business/labor laws perspective. I think 2K may have some sort of internship program, but I’m not entirely sure. Maybe if Evolve is super popular we’ll expand and start a program in the future, but that would definitely be a ways down the road.

Sorry, folks!


Thanks you for the reply @Chloe.
So, there no way to get an intership at Turtle Rock Studio ? :frowning: