Turtle Rock, please include more modes to quickplay


I think this is a no brainer, it’ll raise the overall playability. There are so many wasted game modes in evacuation. The problem with evacuation was its length. Nest was a really good gamemode which allowed players to utilize hunter’s abilities in more strategic ways. Also I think hunters are better prepared for rescue as well. I just think mixing it up will be a very good thing to do.


Quickplay was changed to the current 3 game modes based on community response.
You’ll notice that a high percentage will quit, if the gamemode is Defend. They typically only stay for Arena/Hunt.


Hell no, the other game modes are unbalanced messes, having Defend in quickplay is bad enough, we don’t need more crap to have to deal with


Yes!! I would love every mode included in quick play.


I’m so down for this but only if they focus on balancing it. How do they balance it? I don’t know


No thank you. The majority of the player base don’t want. People already complainabout defend. I for one like a little mix in the line up, but I don’t really want nest or rescue.


No way. Defend is already pushing it. We don’t need those even more stupidly unbalanced modes in it too.


I thought nest was pretty well balanced, the monster is basically constantly in a race against time


Nest, Rescue, and Defend are all unbalanced garbage.


Yes! For sure. Would love to see more variation in quick play, and a voting system that lets you vote on the next game mode.


Maybe a map voting system too


There is literally no way for every game mode to be balanced all at once without making each characters stats different for each mode, which is a horrible idea


If the hunters each take an egg there’s no way for them to lose


Nest and Rescue are unbalanced, the devs say so themselves. And they’re focus is on hunt.

Defend is pushing it honestly.

That being said, I think having Nest/Rescue every so often would be alright. As long as they’re uncommon, with AT LEAST seven hunt/arena matches between them appearing, it’d be nice.


Oh god, please don’t add anymore modes. The last thing I want is to skip defend which I do every time it pops up and then be put into a Nest or Rescue mode.


If they get balanced I agree with Rose:

At the moment it’s…

How to win Nest as a Hunter
Get Bucket. Send him to one egg. The rest go to another.
Easy win.

How to win Nest as a Monster
Not applicable.

How to win Rescue as a Hunter
Get Laz to remove strikes from Mother Nature’s hostages.
Get ballsy-magee to dome the Monster and just fuck about with it.
Easy win.

How to win Rescue as a Monster
Be Wraith.
Get to the Rescue targets before the Hunters.
Easy win. Unless the Hunters pull the above bs on you.


In my opinion they need to add multiple vote to skip’s instead of just one. There’s no point in voting if you’re just going to get thrown into something worse.


Tier 6 confirmed.


You know I’m so tired I didn’t even know why you quoted me for a second? :joy: I see it now. Thanks.


I wouldn’t mind nest and resuce. But, make them cycle one after the other in any random order. Not like hunt, arena, arena, defend, nest, nest, rescue, arena, defend, defend, hunt. Make it like (in any order)

hunt, defend, nest, rescue, arena. Then when that cycle is done (whatever mode is last now becomes the last mode of the next cycle). But each cycle is random every time. You can have many possible combo’s with these 5 modes.