Turtle rock, lets have some financial transparency


ive been a stark advocate AGAINST milking costumers thru overpriced dlc. it was my opinion that…

-60 dollars for a MP only title was too much
-true day 1 dlc of any type is horrible and money grabbing tactic that speaks to the lack of pride and confidence in the game you are selling
-charging 7.50 per hunter, 15 per monster and 2-6 per pallette swap (as they are in fact not re-skins but jsut color changes) is GROSSLY overpriced.

then i read this article


this article in NO WAY convinces me, a couple things such as it showing up in a VERY convenient moment given the negative feedback this game has gotten. (reeks of being paid off) is what worries me the most.

but i think we can do something that would alleviate many peoples worries. Break it down for us.

we need to know the cost of this game, why its cost so much, and how those costs justify such exorbent prices. i mean…60 bucks for a mp only game? are you doing that just cuz…you know…titanfall?

then the prices for the hunters/monsters/pallette swaps is crazy! what are you basing those prices off of? have you guys really gone that far into debt from making this game that you have to jack these prices sky high?

im against being screwed over, but i also dont want to simply be up in arms incorrectly. however i wont STOP being up in arms (ive done my small part, stopped many people from buying the game or at least informing them of whats going on before they buy it) until i can get some data on how im wrong and how your prices are justified.

I know im but one peon to a large company and asking you to “justify” anything to me probably annoys you. but dont do it just for me, do it for your fans, you have a good following with the left 4 dead game and i believe you guys are generally good people (2k i cant say much). put the minds of the few that are worried about this stuff at ease, please, i beg of you. shed some light on this.


Let’s just agree to disagree. I’m too tired to tell you why I think your wrong. Single player campaigns are really overrated in games today.


are you REALLY going to belittle a constructive post?


I’ve never understood why people think that MP-only games should worth less than SP games. Most games that I’ve played that accumulated more than 1k hours are multiplayer games.


Hey I was going to post that…

Anyways, idk about the costs or times to make everything else, but I know each monster costs roughly around $300k and 11 months to make. I remember seeing that posted somewhere (and somewhen) but I don’t remember where.


When there are threads on DLC discussions yes. Or maybe I’m tired and cranky. :wink:


@macman you you help explain the time and effort it is to design, create, animate, balance, and release new Hunters and Monsters. I don’t think @Clint_Faber seems to grasp it.


It’s not constructive, I don’t see any solutions here, just a lot more ignorance.

-I’ve been playing the game, it definitely has enough in it to be worth $60. That is the general price for every A Title anyways these days, and it is expensive these days. Solely attacking Evolve because of the average market value isn’t exactly fair.

-There isn’t any real Day one DLC except for the skin shop, which a lot of people agree is stupid, but it’s so minor and the skins kinda suck tbh so most people don’t bother with it, and are at no loss for doing so. All the other DLC is content for later, so you could just not buy it until later when it’s made, if you actually wanted to. The base game is basically all anyone needs right now, you can literally ignore everything else entirely atm.

-$7 and $15 per monster is perfectly reasonable, given all the work and detail in each one. It’s amazing, the detail these characters have is more than most games ever do, it’s crazy how unique and fun they all are. It’s also the standard price, see other games characters like Payday 2, like what $1 cheaper and they don’t have anywhere close to as much put into them as Hunters do.


what ignorance? i do not have active to this data, turtle rock does, they can alleviate many rational worries with this information.


Well he just stated that he thinks the DLC is stupid and that he thinks TRS is paying off people to write good reviews and that he is proud to be against Evolve and is proud of telling people not to purchase the game and why.

So yeah, while you write about how wrong I am, imma go grab my trusty Hazmat Suit, because I can already tell this thread is gonna get toxic.


I feel there is evil DLC but this really isn’t one of those. I mean they have been working on this game for at least 4 years. gamers today think all DLC is evil saying “we used to get all the content in old games”. while they couldn’t make dlc thats why they didn’t have any. Its also a pretty well known that all cosmetics like skins are made when the game goes gold, and some of the team just has time to make some skins.


and that is why i am asking for a explanation of said numbers, because if these numbers really do line up, then my complaints dont have a leg to stand on, and i wil be forced to accept the skyrocketting price of my hobby due to inflation rather then greed.


Honestly, I’m too tired of these complaints to be bothered with them any more, all I can say is, in regards to your first 3 points, I’ll post some super simple responses and leave it at that.

1: That’s opinion, many people think this is worth the money.
2: It’s only cosmetics, that should really be all I have to say.
3: They cost a lot of money and time to develop, not to mention they change up the game drastically.


1-its fact in regards to past pricing, if youd read further youd say the reason for this post and its actually constructive, im not a head in teh sand rager, i really want to know whats going on so i can find out if my rage is either correct, or incorrect. if its incorrect ill happily retract anything i said and re-explain to every person ive talked to that i can find.
2-that is far and away from being the issue, to use that excuse as ive seen hundreds of times means nothing in this subject matter.
3-that is a vague response, im not asking for vague responses, i want hard numbers. i know they cost money and time, do they cost so much money and time to actually justify the pricing? and by justify i dont mean turtle rock surviving financially by the skin of there teeth, i know they need to do a markup.

please read the entire thread, i may come off as angry (i am) but im also level headed and can be reasoned with.


Lol wat?

You just said that because he is being angry at TRS you want a explanation? Rethink your wording, because I have no clue what you’re saying brosky. You seem like a cool guy and all, but this thread IS pretty toxic, and angry responses at people who don’t agree are only going to make it worse, my man.


I mean you really can put inflation into it how long have games been close to 60$? I mean cheapest i really remember games are 50$ and there has sure been some inflation. That and what are development cost for video games now? you can’t just make a game and move on. People want the team to make new free content and keep patching the game.


@Rapterror, if you have no clue thats fine, your not turtle rock

@xxBAscoobyxx, games have been at 50-60 bucks for a long time, wich is why that blog got me thinking, leading me here to ask.


REALLY!?!? I HAD TOTALLY FORGOTTEN! Thanks for the reminder, champ!

Honestly if I can’t understand what you’re saying, I doubt anyone else can either, especially since you were replying to me in the first place. :blush:


stopped reading at $60 for a mp only game.

games are made to make profit and fun. if they cant make profit they definitely cant provide any more future fun. if you cant support a unique innovative game that game play dlc wise costs little more (and is arguably much more innovative) than anything else on the market. then you dont deserve “financial transparency”.


words are hard yo


I think we need to find if anything the numbers for development cost for games back then compared to now. I mean not only is inflation something we need to look at, but video games since the 90’s are a lot different to make. you don’t just make the game and move on. People want a game they buy especially mulitplayer games to be supported for at least a year after release.