Turtle Rock is just fantastic


They’re just great people and I love their game


“So I’ve been abusing this exploit, but HERE’S how the game should be played”

Okay bud


So what? The top player is as it says, “The Top Player”
The leader is obviously very proficient with the monsters.

As for the exploit, Auto Aim is for people with no actual skill.
It’s in the game for a reason, who cares.


Well heres an unpopular opinion, I think aiming in FPS and APM in RTS are a poor excuse for skill. I like games that test my tactical and strategic choices instead of my wrist and reflexes.

I wish there was aim-bot on PC, I would love it.


This is a great forum with great people


Someone woke up with a case of the grumps today. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wonderful. Great


If it’s a feature in the game, it isn’t an exploit.
An exploit is like farming a spawn point for loot, or duplication glitches.
If it’s a feature of the game, it’s there for a reason.



1st, I’m pretty sure that most fps games on console have some sort of aimbot(search it up) due to the sensitivity of a controller.

2nd, not everyone can “try” this, pc doesn’t have that option.


That has been around on a lot of shooters, for longer than you’d like to think.