Turtle Rock has no love with monster?


I seen hunters has many new characters,but nothing happen on monster,we still only has Meteor Goliath & Elder Kraken after 2nd season pass released.

So can I say Turtle Rock has no love with monster ?


You know wraith and behemoth adaptations are on their way right??


Supposedly but they’re not even being worked on. That doesn’t mean they’re coming any time soon.

Warning Extreme Salt Don't worry it's fine **TRS**. We've only been waiting six months and three days now since the last time we got any content. We're used to being screwed over.


Do not worry fellow monster mains. The new wraith is just over the horizon.



The Wraith that’s not even the slightest bit in development yet.


Isn’t this game free?


Yes; it is.


Well we do have a look for the name and the name…

And it does say near

So I wouldn’t say it’s not being worked on :wink:


They sure are throwing out a lot of teases for something not in development


They did shear madness for Hunter Adaptations. They are working on Behemoth rework since today, and Behemoth adaptation is already being worked on. It takes a while for an adaptation to be made…
Also this is still a Beta. The Game is not supposed to have everything in equal balance. They did the Hunters, now they are doing the Monsters. When they think they have enough Characters for now and the Balance is OK, they will release the Game.


To be fair, look at how long they teased Gorgon before they released it.


They could effectively add two monsters to the game just by unfucking wraith and behemoth.

You know, that thing which has not been done since the game originally launched.


I dont know what game you have been playing but Wraith has been good many times. In the beginning he was op, and was nerfed. He was brought into a good spot a few times throughout the year. Behemoth however was always broken.


Relax, The way I see it, they are just releasing them in sets. Best case scenario, with Palnell, we’ll have 8 hunter variations and 2 monster variations. So the new monster variation should be just round the corner.


Yes, wraith had a few periods of not being entirely terrible, which the devs quickly stamped on each time.

It was even played a lot in competitive for a while by that one guy. Nimp? But on the whole, wraith has never been allowed out of the trashbasket because of salty hunters.

And yeah, behemoth, he sure is a sad story. An immobile character in a game about mobility. RIP ;_;7


Dont hate when they do that? Lets make a game that relies on being fast and moving alot, buut then make one thin in the game super slow and un able to move well.


They also said that something can be on the to-do list for long periods of time. Nothing means it’ll happen soon.

@Sidewaysgts If it was in development it’d be in the “Active” list. Additionally teases have zero reflection on the progress of said character. Also the only teases we’ve gotten is a possible name and bare bones description.


On steam, they said the concept art guy is on the Bob adaptation and that they’re doing Paldnell, balancing or fixing stuff, and then Bob. So he’s in the pipe.


I’ll believe that when he’s in the active tab.


Yeah im kinda bored too about the lack of monsters. The problem is that hunters get more content because there are more hunters to adapt. We just have 5 monsters of which 2 got the variations. Even though we get to 10 monsters it is still a bit low the number of monster gameplay you can get. Solution could be to actually release new monster tiers without hunters.