Turtle Rock Gold Skin Community Event 3/5 - 3/8


You may have heard of the fabled Turtle Rock Gold Skin (or seen it on @GentlemanSquirl’s streams – twitch.tv/maniacsquirell).

We developed these exclusively for our development team. This beautiful molten-gold skin helps identify developers in-game and generally make us feel good about the time we put in to making Evolve. It’s bold. It’s distinct. It’s shiny.

This skin has never been made available to anyone outside the development team at Turtle Rock – until now. We are giving it to you this weekend.

As many of our dedicated community members know, we hold community in a special place. We are you, you are us. It’s even written on our website.

We want to give back to you. We also want to show our appreciation for your immense support over the last month, for believing in Evolve – and in us – from the very beginning. So, this weekend only, play a few rounds of Evolve and we will reward you with the coveted TRS Gold Skins for Goliath, Kraken and Wraith – free.

All you need to do: Play!

Play alongside us. Play against us. Just jump online and get into an Evolve match between 9:00 PM PT on Thursday, March 5th and 9:00 PM PT on Sunday, March 8th and metallic glory is yours. (These skins will be delivered to players sometime after the weekend ends, but before Saturday, March 14th.)

In the coming weeks, we’re going to issue challenges and community events where we’ll ask you to hit certain goals and we will continue rewarding you, our biggest fans, for just playing Evolve. So, keep your eyes peeled here on the Evolve blog (Evolvegame.com/news) for the upcoming challenges.

Next up: Our St. Patrick’s Day Trapper Challenge – more information on that is coming soon!

Consider this a heartfelt thank you from the team at Turtle Rock Studios for being our earliest supporters. We couldn’t do it without you.

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Are there gold hunter skins as well? Or do the devs only have gold monsters?


This game is totally playable and they are spending time on making patches and stuff. You should really check out their Telemetry/Game Balance updates and get your stuff straight before making rude comments like that.


They’re not newly made, these skins have been around for ages


Implying those who make skins (graphics) are the same as those who work on the patch (coding).



Does a custom game with invited friends count? What if a couple friends and a couple bots fill the empty slots? Should I pug a few matches just to be safe that I get credit?


This is awesome! i know its just aesthetic but I LOVE GOOOOLLLLLLD. ill make sure to sit down for my evolve game with a good smoke and a pancake.
Truly love your work TRS.


One concern I’d like to express- if you just need to play a match of Evolve in a three day window, wouldn’t everybody have the skins? They’re special right now because they’re very, very rare, and the mark of an insanely good player. If everyone has them, it’ll sort of ruin the effect, won’t it?

Just a thought. Looking forward to it anyway.


and who is away the whole weekend? just my luck. so i guess i am somewhat special if i am the only person without it… :expressionless:


Ouch, that’s got to suck. My sincerest condolences. Excuse me, I have something to do. Totally not chuckling at your misfortune or anything…

In all seriousness, I don’t think the Gold Skins will be that special soon. As I said, everybody will have them, so…yeah.


Do we have to play with the devs. And thanks for the game


Green trapper skins? Sounds sweet. Can’t wait for the Thanksgiving Support skins and X-mas Assault skins.


totally agree. I think the idea is that in 6 months time or whatever that those who’ve come on board later won’t have them so it’s another “early involvement” sort of thankyou. that’s my impression anyway. I would’ve loved maybe a silver version for us players and the golds remain unique to devs. either that or they develop new skins for the devs, the work they’ve put in I reckon they deserve a separate look if they like it.


Yeah- seemed better that the devs had exclusive skins. They wete easily recognized.


Maybe now devs will get exclusive robo-monster skins >w>


I think they’re making them officially un-special. Like here’s a freebie, just play the game. Maybe the devs got bored with it. Maybe they’ve got, or will have, new & better skins for themselves.


Wow, that’s quite a negative way of looking at something that isn’t really negative by it’s nature. Thet’ve got a better skins for themselves? That’s a bit paranoid even…

Personally I think they should’ve done it after first patch for the game, not before. Just because some people will come back to check these skins out, then play the game and think something like “Hmm, actually I enjoy playing this game quite a bit, and I see that developers fixed some annoying issues so maybe I’ll give it another chance and keep playing”.


Hmmm, a few questions to the Devs, if you don’t mind…:

  1. Does ANY multiplayer game count or does it have to ba a “vs Devs” game?
  2. Do we get all 3 as a pack after a single match or does every monster get it’s own from a separate game?
  3. Do we get any in-game confirmation after the match that the “requirements have been met” and we’ll get the skins next week?
  4. Does the match has to be won or sole participation will do?

Thank you