Turtle Rock gang have committed to NO shaving until Evolve ships this Fall


TRS will be donating $50 to the Child’s Play charity fund.

This has got to be a fun company to work for



I can’t help but laugh at all of the guys scratching their itchy faces :slight_smile:


Beards are awesome. It’s like having a gun mounted on your face.


The real question is how many of us shave even after we ship. :wink:


I’d like to know if any wires, cords, monitors, keyboards, or small children get tangled in there between now and then.


I’ve decided not to shave mine either just for this event! :smiley:


Maybe I’ll shave my head for the game release.


It was a long time ago already that I committed to not cutting my hair until ship. I have trimmed twice since then (engagement photos and wedding trump these kinds of things) but I am now also on board with the No Shave Till Ship commitment. I’m going to be one hairy programmer come ship…


No no, don’t encourage them. When I offered to cut my hair there was mention of head shaving and I told them it was out of the question. I have a sadly misshapen dome that is much happier being covered with hair. We’ll be posting the ladies’ version of the pledge in the next few days, so you can see what the rest of us are doing :haircut:

I made my contribution already (before our exact pledge solidified), but I’m still signing the pledge and not clipping til ship. I think I have enough to donate as well, so double whammy :smile:


Good god, Phil’s gonna look like ZZ Top by then.

At least y’all are gonna get a head start on Movember!


ZZTop…that would be awesome.


I’m starting to look like a rabbi…


We’re going to look like a RPG company by the time we ship :smiley:


have a group photo of the dwarf rock studios before u shave XD


We do monthly photos! Next one is soon!


lol i didn’t think of Facebook until after you said something, shows how much i use that site XD


Dumbledore and Gandalf must be proud. Can’t wait to see the next photo.


I knew they were all BoSox fans