Turtle Rock, any chance of fixing physics?


Hey TRS long time fan. Getting really tired of playing Goliath and having him randomly bug out in every which way. From Rock throws and not doing any damage to the ever common Leap Smash doing nothing entirely.

Sorry it’s just frustrating as hell. Using traversals, getting stuck on a tiny shrub and not going anywhere. Or just randomly launching upwards into space wondering why this is happening. I get why Leap Smash has a lengthy cooldown but really the ability needs to be scraped, reworked or buffed. It’s mind boggling how if you leap smash onto a cliff you can’t climb it, you just slide off it. Or if the leap smash trajectory is altered in anyway it just fizzles. It wouldn’t bother me too bad but then I get slapped with the cooldown on it.

I love Goliath to death but it’s getting to the point where I have to play against Sunny and deal with the physics? Throw me a bone and fix Goliath, Behemoth can wait.


Probably not going to be able to alter physics much. I think that is an engine thing.


Well whatever the case is, I honestly don’t know too much about the joy of programming or whatever it is but is there any way around it? Makes playing the game annoying a lot of the times


the engine my friend. Source engine will always have bunny hops, and cryengine will always have Goliath surfing surfaces.


Nothing is unfixable.
They just need to dedicate resources to it.

I want it to be fixed too; as a fellow Goliath player.


What I’d rather see, is the trajectory being correct.

The projected trajectory fails to take Goliaths size into account and therefore you can still hit things even if the trajectory says you’ll clear it. The same thing counts for rock throw.


I’ve been getting the slingshot thing alot more frequently as of late and have started experiencing it on Kraken and Wraith as well which never happened before


I get the floaty sent up into the sky goliath or super fast goliath maybe 1 out of 50 to 100 harpoons while climbing + jumping near surfaces but it’s not that bad since you probably won’t take much damage during it. Only the floaty one is kind of annoying / game breaking, though. The floaty physics from harpoons is the bug I’d like them to fix.

As for your complaints about jumping / traversals in general (when not being harpooned/out of combat), I’ve played a lot of goliath and haven’t had much issues. Just make sure your path is clear. Takes awareness and practice to not jump into things. Jumping into bushes/bouncing off shrubs isn’t really a physics bug.

The point of being able to leap smash a cliff is so that you can damage hunters trying to jetpack climb it, or leap smash hunters sitting at the top of it, assuming it isn’t too tall. They will still be hit by the aoe if you hit the wall below them and you will knock them off. Not being able to climb the wall after leap smash is also probably for balance reasons, not physics reasons.

Are you talking about the Kraken leap? Where you go flying at super speed without actually hovering/floating. It’s never happened to me on wraith, only kraken. I think they know about this as it’s been around for a while, probably since at least beta, but this bug is beneficial to the monster if it ever happens. I’ve seen DTR_AuroraSymponhy do it accidentally on his stream. It was pretty hilarious. On Fusion plant, he jumped from the forest all the way to the power plant in about 3 seconds.


You can replicate the kraken speed flying bug though very consistently, which is a massive problem


I haven’t seen anyone abuse it on purpose, though.


Well I’ve done it, sp only though