Turns out monsters were PRETTY nerfed


I seriously don’t know what had happened with this update that you just CAN’T win AT ALL with a monster.
It’s impossible that this HP nerf is all that took to make monsters take from 1/4th of a health bar, to kill them in a blink of an eye.
Before this update I could take down hunters with stage 1 wraith.
Now I can’t even get to stage 3 bcs 1st of all they’re always on my back in shooting range, 2ndly when the dome hits it’s almost impossible to take one down. I keep coming against like, Rouge Vals who are on like zero instantly themselves to full, and you have to come up against the support’s shield boost and sometimes Hank’s shield projector or Sunny’s shield drone.
Before you take down a single hunter, you’re already down to half health.

Was it seriously enough to give founders additional 27k and a slight hp nerf to monsters, to make that happen?
I seriously had 100% winrate with my wraith before this update.
I have no freaking idea what happened.
Picking a monster ATM feels like signing your own death sentence.

EDIT: Can someone explain this to me?
Sorry if this post turns out rude, I just feel cheated here.
I just want intel on what had happened.

PS: I have not lost a single hunters match after the update.


What level are you playing at?

I’m at level 15 now and so far I’ve won every game I played as a monster, even a few with Behemoth, mostly stage 1 or 2.

Though, I have a feeling once I’m going up against people of my skill level I’ll start losing like crazy, unless I play Kraken.

The 4/3/2 really buffed the stage 1, but stage 3 just feels like a waste now, unless you need health. You’re much easier to hit and clumzier, and 2 points don’t make all that much of a difference.


At the low level monsters are powerful. High level they suck. I get it, pubs are more important as we need the playerbase numbers. Just hope it’s not always like this


I’m matched against ppl around lvl 20 (18-22 most of the time)


So you are complaining that you cant down a hunter anymore stage 1, lol!
Try harder I still stay with my Goliath at 100% win ratio :wink:


No I’m giving a comparison on how it has changed with this update.
Before it was almost ez pez.
ATM I can’t even reach stage 3 bcs hunters have insane dps and are always in shooting range.

EDIT: I can down a hunter with stage 1 monster.
If that happens I’m usually left with one bar of health left.
Which feels unfair since in ES2 downing a hunter was best way to take the dome down and start running.


It kinda just sounds like you’re unhappy because you no longer have easy mode wraith.


I tried playing with Wraith and both Goliaths after this update. I didn’t win a single match.


If i was the dev, you wana a stage 1 wraith kill i can give you that. But i will remove stage 2 and 3. because it will be redundant if players can kill at this power level.

Just skip this whole chasing/fleeing, feeding, hiding aspect. just go all out gladiator arena mode.


Nvm ppl. Thx for taking your time to reply without reading.


Almost every game I enter has monsters on 5-20 game win streaks and hunters on 0-2 so…must just be you. Monsters are currently running roughshod over pubs. They’re completely out of control. Particularly Wraith/Gorgon/Ekrak.


Arena mode is so broken XD

A stage three monster with full health and armor vs a bunch of normal hunters. No chance.


I did read your post. saw the 100% winrate part and i loled.

The reigning champions in any video game don’t even boast a 100% win rate.

Don’t take it serious on my numbers, this is just an example of a point i’m gona make. This is what i feel : Only the top 15% monster players should be able to wipe teams at stage 1 due to their knowledge of the land, reverse thinking and really good playing skills. At stage 2, the % should be about 60%. Stage 3 about 80%.


Even after update, I have no problem playing as monster. None of the monsters feel much weaker, the health nerf doesnt feel particularly troublesome either because I can typically win under dome at stage 2 with a little over half health remaining as monster (I dont play Wraith or Gorgon because frankly, I suck ass at them) unless the hunters are particularly skilled and are able to work together.

In the end, the recent changes have only made it a little easier on hunters, now they just need to put Behemoth back in and it will all be perfect.


Arena should be stage 2.


Maybe we’re playing in different regions bcs some ppl seem to say monsters are op and some say hunters like cannot lose atm.


I’ve not lost a single monster match so far, though I know it’ll change. In Legacy I couldn’t get a strike at stage 1 without expending all my health to do it, now I can get a strike usually in that first dome and only have to suffer 20% damage before I can leave.

At the end of the day though, stage 1 isn’t where you should be making your stand, if you’re waiting to get down to half health before leaving because you want a strike, you’re overcommitting. Always leave the first dome as soon as it goes down, unless you do literally have the hunters almost wiped out. You are much better off evolving to stage 2 and using that power to get strikes.

Monsters need to start playing the long game, enjoy the fact that not everything needs to be crammed in to one, or even two, domes any more :slight_smile:


Playing the long game is exactly why flee till 3 existed. If it turns out that after people get some experience on how to work as a team and monsters start dropping like flies again, you’ll probably start seeing that strategy reemerge.


And we’ll see a lot of monsters losing to the timer if that happens.