Turning evolved servers back on

Hit this up guys if yall want evolved serves to be brought back up now that we have cross play from we can open up and play with everyone on all platforms I message 2k and they said it wasint up to just them so please turtle rock reopen the serves with crossplay activated I have spent so much time on this game and there are so many people that love this game and have done the same I bought the game and some of the dlcs and was doing YouTube videos on it I would love to be able to continue so please if this gets noticed evolve can be revived

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Hello Bigfoot, welcome to the TRS forums! :bucket_cute:

I don’t know what 2K staff told you, but opening the servers again is something that TRS just can’t do, because they don’t own the game anymore, 2K does.

If you want to look further into this, then you should contact 2k. :+1:


Love the optimism but Evolve was never coded to handle cross play if a understand, which means it would have to go back into a development cycle.

Remember Evolve, hold it in your heart and look forward to TRS new ip, Back 4 Blood


i really like coming to forums and see posts like this. a newly sprouted flower, hehe. TRS wouldn’t have closed down the servers mate, its one of their babies. look forward to see you gaming on the next one


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