Turn off those ps4 servers!


yea you heard it @MacMan .
I know the Ps4 users have gotten the short end of the stick so far due to an update in alpha and Xbone in beta.

But the servers being up this early, when PC and Xbone players have payed the same (more even for PC users going for PC monster race like myself). is not acceptable… either shut them down and kick down some doors at the people responsible for breaking the launch date, or open the flood gates for everyone…


The servers, I’m pretty sure, are up for the reviewers. Taking them down would be a bad idea.

Some people have managed to get hold of the game early, but… eh. Those guys are lucky. Not going to ruin my day that I can’t get into the game yet, and I’d rather be happy for them than sad for myself. ;p


I think this is a little harsh and while it is irritating I don’t think they should shut down the network or give us all access. There are always stores that will break the street date.


It’s gonna ruin my days, because i payed up 79,99 for the PC monster race edition, on steam, digitally - and i have to wait eventho i didnt go for a cheap deal somewhere… it’s bullshit… im salty!


If I recall correctly Evolve supports P2P for custom games and/or when the servers are down. I think that the review copies are probably just using P2P connections so the servers are probably not on anyway.

The PC press version seems to use P2P so I am guessing at most of this but I doubt the servers are up early as that costs money to 2K.

Edit: Also it has been confirmed many times that most of these people are press, some stores may have broken street date but that should just be using P2P as well.


i have the whole weekend free. i want to play. in the week i have to work till 18:00 or 19:00… damn unfair!


Almost all of us have to wait. (shrugs) There’s no sense letting it bug you - there’s nothing to be done about it, and if anything, it’s going to make it feel all the better when the game goes live for you. :slight_smile:


Having payed 79,99 doesnt feel better when someone else paying alot less, has access before me, regardless of how you twist and turn it.


(shrugs) Eh. I can’t tell you how to feel. … would it help if I said that I’m going to have to wait longer than you, 'cos I’m buying a physical copy? ;p


lol… the ps4 standard version costs almost as much as PCMR.
let the peasants have their three days :stuck_out_tongue:


I paid the most, I’m entitled, do as I command or QQ


I’m sure if it was the other way around you’d be playing. Who cares how much you spent on the game and who’s playing before who, we all die in the end.


Actually i would be furious that not everyone had access if that was teh case.

I was also enraged when Ps4 users couldent get in during alpha, and when Xbone royally F’ed them during beta. so no, i wouldent.


I contacted my online seller and they said that they will be shipping the item tonight and i think i will get the item by tomorrow evening, which means that i could play the game before release date IF the servers are available…

But thats not the point, its the part that sellers sending the item before release date is WRONG in sooo many levels. As an evolve FanBoi i absolutely love the fact that i am getting the item before launch and it allows me to preload BUT at the same time i am really annoyed by their actions. They shouldave started shipping on 9th and making sure that the buyers get the item only on 10th.


I paid alot for the PCMR edition, and if it was me with access right now, I’d be furious to see the other two get the stick… i mean, part of the thing i’ve loved ever since release date was released, is that they swore to do it the same for all… and now some are getting hands-on several days early with the rest of us just sitting here grinding our teeth…


that is problematic. with a release date on tuesday you WANT to ship before the weekend. you have to get those things packed, brought to the mailer, send across the country and that is not possible when you send it mondays. so you send it at latest friday. so it will arrive saturday or monday.

imagine if they would get it wednesday. all hell would break lose.


That’s the thing though - we all know, postal services are terrible. Short of them spending a lot of money on postage, and passing the costs on the the customers, the only way that the companies can be sure that the game will arrive on time to everyone, or at least as many people as possible, is to send it out early.

When that happens, there’s the chance that some people will get it early. Honestly, I’d much rather that than people getting the game late.


Im from India and there are a LOT of couriers that offers 1day delivery for 5$(4.7$ish). If you ship something tonight before 9pm, the item will be delivered before 6 pm next day.

There is something else that can be done here, the Publisher could ask the retailer to sent the items early so that everybody gets the item on the release date. The retailer could make a tieup with the courier services to deliver the item only on the release date. Its a bit hard but it makes sure that nobody is given a headstart / slowstart?!

( i dunno about your location / courier services / postal services, i am talk from my experience)



“hey guys. evolve will cost an additional 5 bucks just to make sure you will NOT get it early” that sounds like an awesome plan.


“hello UPS, can you please deliver this items exactly on the 10. not 9. not 11. but only 10.?” ups: “lol gtfo”
the companies ship SO much, some stupid games are but a fraction of it. nobody cares.


I knew you would say something like this :wink:

Actually here , we are getting the game for 16.5$s and the shipping is free. Normally when i buy games / electronics online they are shipped as "Express Plus " ( i dunno what that is), but they make sure it gets delivered before 5pm !