TU9 Players, how does Bucket feel?


Is he strong? Still UP? Maybe even OP? Tell me how you feel about him.


He is finally a support with a nice ability


Yeah, he feels very viable right now. Seeing him a lot, works really well with a coordinated team! Dem double shields on assault mmmmmmmmmmm.


Just out of curiosity, how does he fair with R. Val? I imagine that Mechanised Recharged in sync with her personal heal-burst and the Support’s new Shield Burst makes for some magnificent Bucket/R. Val play.


Could do, I havent come across many R.Vals. Sorry :s


Ah, I thought you might have played with the odd pre-made team and tried it out.


MaddCow loves Bucket and Rogue Val on the same team.


Bucket seams like a pritty solid pick now.


Balanced af.

Bucket is officially god tier


I’d imagine that he’d be great with any assault, Emet, or R. Val.


Bucket is great, especially with rogue val but I imagine also with Emet and a nicely spread out team.


If Emet was buffed a little, him and Bucket could be a viable comp. ATM Emet is worse than microwaveable butter.


Bucket is an excellent character if Laz is in the team because of Laz’s strong healburst.


All butter is microwavable, you know this?


It’s very strong. I fought that team, with a Parnell and Griffin, and I nearly lost to them.

Focusing Val means she’ll dodge until lo health, then healburst- full health- shieldburst- mechanized recharge- shieldburst. And she goes from dead to full health, half a bar of shields and helaburst ready again.

You’re basically forced to kill Bucket first.

That works with them all. When Medic is low, shields and MR and shields again gives them a HUGE boost. And all this time, Bucket’s doing some very nice damage.

I think he’s perfect. Not too strong, not too weak.[quote=“niaccurshi, post:14, topic:89839, full:true”]
All butter is microwavable, you know this?

Who gave you the right to tell butter what it has to see itself as?



Butter now have the cancer because he had microwaves!


For me, it is too early to call him the best, but he definitely works with a lot of medics because of a diverse array of tools. Bucket comps are a safe bet I’d say, while some other comps can be better but have more risk involved.

At least for now. I think a lot of monsters don’t know how to deal with Bucket comps atm. Most are learning though, so it’ll be interesting to see.


Microwaves don’t actually cause cancer because they’re very low frequency, long wavelength, non-ionising radiation.

But for the sake of humor, oh noes, Butter have the cancers.


I have never noticed you here before, but the more I see of you, the more I like you. :ok_hand:


I didn’t post much for a while because I couldn’t be bothered to, but this new patch seems to have staved off my lethargy.

But let’s be honest, it was mainly the Attack on Titan thread.