TU9: How is Slim?


Console player here! So how is Slim? Specifically his spores. I would like to hear from more monster players. I watched Grizzles video and said they should just be replaced since they were nerfed to the ground basically. How do the spores work now?


Right now it just limits the monsters smell range


Played as him got destroyed, so I went into a custom match as a monster to see their pov, hitting a hunter while in spore cloud allows you to see them (can’t remember if that was a previous patch or TU9) and I think you loose sight of them if they’re a certain distance from you. Basically anyone in the spore cloud with the monster is spotted I think so that player is still screwed if they’re being focused.

Any monster players please correct me if I’m wrong, I play Hunter exclusively.


I haven’t had issues with him… at all.

So I don’t know whether I should feel extremely glad that he’s no longer anti-fun or I should feel bad for any and all Slim mains because I can crush them like a paper soda can now.

Then again I could just be fighting all new players. I dunno.


Played him a few times yesterday and did pretty well. I’m not very good at keeping the monster in the spore clouds though, so it’s hard for me to say on those. I was able to keep my team pretty healed though.


@SuperBadJuJu kinda nudged towards the weak side for slim.
Edit…but like @10shredder00 said I seen alot of new people playing questionably.


so whats the smell range like now? doesn’t seem to be very effective for me when i played slim


Would love to see some monster gameplay against Slim :slight_smile:


You finally satisfied? Such a simple change and I bet he’s damn near ruined.


Can confirm lots of questionable new peeps.


Uuuummmm as it should X-D

Issue is not his spore cloud imho. The ability does what it is supposed to do , the fact that the utility of it is a bit ‘‘meh’’ is another subject…
He is a bit on the weak side as far as healing output is concerned though.


His unfairness is gone. That’s all I asked.

I don’t care about Slim or the people who him anymore.


Unfairness to whom? How many? I bet he’s not even viable anymore. [quote=“Lerneros, post:11, topic:88878”]
He is a bit on the weak side as far as healing output is concerned though.

And this? Is probably a result of low self sustain and poor survivability (unless they actually changed healing numbers) now. It’s as I’ve said in the past the spore being the way it was, wasn’t a mistake I’m pretty sure TRS knew what they were doing when they realized he needed self sustain and now it would seem that is gone and he probably cannot survive without sunny to keep him at a distance. To take that away from him or to simply make it more difficult/less effective was unnecessary.

However, if the update wasn’t on one system, I’m pretty sure we’d have better feedback on almost everything right now.

Well obviously, and if he’s of little or no threat to you, then don’t you think it’s quite likely that this was too much? If you can quite literally say that you don’t care when you see Slim picked, then their is something very wrong with that, especially coming from the person that literally had the single most trouble with him of all time.


I haven’t tried him yet because we didn’t get the patch

But I think he is really good in damage and healing numbers for the team except his self heal

It wasn’t called for the nerf at the micro patch

Caira and Val are the best medics imo


Right now no picks scare me because of all the new players. I’m waiting for their skill to evolve before I make a final judgement but what they did with spores is a work of art in my opinion.


Well before it stopped smelling altogether
It works better on some players than others, some people have a harder time looking at the screen


I bet against that. If nothing about his healing has changed, reaching his skill ceiling will still give you formidable results against Goliath, Meteor Goliath, Elder Kraken and Behemoth. And by that I mean healing values beyond 100 per second on average. As far as I am aware, knockback tumble has been removed on everything bar Tongue Grab which is a big plus for Slim.

But let’s just get some confirmation from the devs.
@LordDeath @Insane_521 @GentlemanSquirl
In Stage 2, what was changed about Slim, BESIDES his Spore effects?


Refactored spore cloud(which may get a buff, but lets play with it for this week)
Reduced self healing.

We’ve had some discussions on quality of life buffs for Slim. Like adding a damage threshold to the Drone, so sneezing on the target doesn’t break it and doing something to his class ability like autocast, so if you don’t want to have to spam the CA, it’ll just cast itself everytime it’s up.

@LordDeath is still a nightmare with Slim though.

Slim's healing field quality of life

Nerf LordDeath then


I don’t know how. Seriously, he’s a little devil on medic. When we aren’t balancing testing, he isn’t allowed on medic or assault in normal playtests.