TU09 - sneak peak - Mounts!


edit from TRS – We love you @Ar1och! :heart::heart:

Come My Steed!

Even though this an April Fool’s joke, I wouldn’t mind if this was an actual thing.


This is amazing!! I wish I could give you more likes!

No Mammoth Birds though. :frowning:


Holy dang these are good.

^He approves


Glad you guys like them. I really wanted to do one for the monsters as well, maybe Goliath rolling on top of Bob. The idea for these hit me as I was about to go to sleep so I better go do that now. Probably will have dreams of your Parnell riding a trapjaw.


Omg, the Bucket one is hilarious! :laughing:


this isnt fanmade This is a leak of Evolve 2 O.O

that looks awesome great job and nice edit :stuck_out_tongue:
Cabot is the best one


These are boss!!!

To OP pls nerf


That bucket-transformer-bike. And EMET becomes a jet? :airplane:


Now make an EMET speed bike


Make Torvald be a mega cannon for Lennox. OP/10


Looong time ago, there was a bug where you could jump on top of the UAV and fly around on it. Sadly I can’t find photos or video…


Then why not just unfix the bug?


you’re assuming it’s a trivial thing to do. We can’t “just” unfix a bug. Things change a lot over time :slight_smile:


funny way to spell “feature”…


I know that. I was just making a joke.


Use smiley faces so I know! :laughing:

The internet is a scary place.


Yes, yea it is.


I rarely use the emotes on the Forums. Using them makes me feel like an ass for some reason.


The hell are you talking about? It looks legit to me.