TU09 New Class Abilities: GrizzleMarine and TRS INFO DROP!

I can make this thing happen. Back when I was being inducted with the mods, slinkyguy suggested my title be moderator and memelord. I shall do the thing.


You don’t tell me these things.

These title things happen when I hear about them.


im ready


Oh my god you did it. :laughing: Now I must live up to the title… One more drawing to finish. I will post soon.


ok OK… i got you covered with the ultimate tease.


Ok, the deed is done. I shall stop derailing things now.


How everyone will feel when they start solo doming the monster
Joe Swanson BRING IT ON!!!


Basically me when playing Hyde lmao xD


You know what I would like from a new update with a new monster… A goop monster that eats and copies hunters to fight with the monster… (if you played old D&D kind of like the old mimics)

I want to actually make the Hunters run in fear instead of just wating for the right positioning.

oh … random land mass maps!

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Plus it was nice for knowing when you had finally killed that cloaked/spored cloud obfuscated hunter.

Wonder what indication we will get now if any? I will just be standing there smacking thin air for 30 seconds all the time…

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Thats what I am saying too, but the response I got was the video shows the existing build of TU8.0

I am on PS4 and I am sure the flame thrower blocks a lot more of the screen then it does in this video.

So maybe TU8.0 on PC is different then on PS4?

Why does the flame thrower animation look different if this isnt a TU9 video?


The field of view setting was changed by the player in question. Thats why the flamethrower looks differant.

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Oh so not something that is possible on PS4 then?

Would be nice to have a clear/wide view like that.

Is it based on screen ratio or just an option any PC player can use regardless of resolution or aspect ratio?

If the latter why is it not an option on PS4? (Or is it and I didnt realize?)

Its not an option on consoles. Something to do with framerate issues.

Still, it doesn’t really explain why its so more streamlined looking. At least to me.

Opening up the FOV is more taxing on the hardware and the X1/PS4 simply can’t handle rendering anything beyond their preset fields without dipping below 30 fps.

That may have been the reason in the 360/ps3 gen, but I think now it’s more so people don’t have an advantage by tweaking a setting.

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And yet the xbone has a much weaker GPU and can still render at 1080p dynamically.

It goes to reason then that the PS4 could probably handle a FOV slider by adjusting resolution.

Or is the idea that the FOV adjustment is larger then a 40% performance penalty?

I smell console parity…

Yeah thats only ok for PC gaming where its the wild west and no two competitors are on a level playing field, lol.

But I am not sure how much of an advantage or disadvantage a FOV slider would provide, especially if everyone had the same option, its basically a zoom function really. I just like how clean the screen looks.

But I wonder if its mostly for ultra wide monitors or something?

Not liking any of these changes personally. I think this update will be the end of evolve. Going to enjoy evolve as much as I can now before I have to find something new

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