TU09 In Concern of Monster Players


Forgive me if there is another topic like this gals and guys. I just wanted to say as a full-time Monster Player who absolutely hates playing Hunters – I’m curious if we’re getting any love?

One thing which drove me away from the game was lack of love for Monster Only players. The only time I could just queue as Monster was ranked, but that quickly lost its flavor when I became Gold and could never find anyone to ever play ever again ever.

I have many concerns, I’ll add them to this thread as we go. But my biggest concern is Monster Queue. Turtle Rock never seemed to appreciate how vastly different playing a Monster is vs a Hunter. I play Hunters so bad I am ashamed to play them, and no I never will take time to learn them either. So will we finally be able to just queue up as JUST a monster and wait for a game?

Please say yes. If anyone else has any additional concerns, let’s discuss them!

Gorgon freezing

I’m a monster main and I think you need to go read up on the TU09 changes we know of so far. I can’t say how things play out in a game but I do know Goliath and Behemoth are getting buffs.


Most of the monster changes that have been teased are a bit more ambiguous, but from what I can remember there will be changes like:

  • all monsters are going to be able to move faster outside of combat
  • better turning/control while in air (e.g. Goliath)
  • some way to quickly regen all of their amour in a dome
  • an extra ability point at stage 1

That’s not supposed to be a comprehensive list, but from the sounds of things the overall feel of playing monster will be different.

As for queue times that really depends on the size of the player-base unfortunately. I guess TRS could add the ability to ‘lock’ a role in Quickplay so you never get put into a 2nd/3rd/etc choice (at the cost of longer matchmaking times). But even then the player base may be too small for that to work.


Well, go encourage people to buy the game and play as hunters only. For every monster player, there needs to be four hunter players. Given the fact that a lot of people purchased this game because of the awesomeness of being a monster, me included, there’s simply too many monster players.

You can do that in ranked already, heh. Since you’re gold ranked however, you kinda got screwed over. Make a secondary account through family sharing and go through your placement matches again; taking the occasional loss to get ranked somewhere in the lower silvers. You’ll have an easier time finding matches and it’ll take forever and a day to get your gold status back with just +1 per match.


not at tu09s release, but they are working on it.
they said once tu09 comes out they should be able to push updates out faster. so hopefully picking sides won’t take too long, as that’s the main reason I haven’t started playing again. I jus wanna be monster D:

@ everything else, there’s been a lot of monster love in tu09.


TU9 ist pretty much…


So, yeah. Monsters are getting a buff, too. :slight_smile:


You haven’t seen anything for monsters in TU09. Really no need to be concerned till you actually see what the changes are.


…aaand how about Leaderboards ? will it get fixed finally ? (when?)

I mean Monster leaderboards - to make it formally “on-topic”…


Hmm… I got back in recent weeks, but it seems to me PC (EU) playerbase is near-death and Hunt is virtually unplayable anymore (waiting infinitely for a match even though I am at Bronze / Silver edge). You say it finds a match ? what platform / region are you ?


I wouldn’t call long queue times a “lack of love”. There is a small player base that plays ranked mode, and an even smaller player base that has a high rank.

If you want short wait times, play Quick Play or try playing as a hunter.


We need to wait for TU09 before we see an increase in players and then everyone needs to do their bit to get former players to give the update a fair go.


I played three matches earlier this week when I was on PC (EU). Sure, they were all determining rank… But they were matches nonetheless :laughing:


The game balance requires both hunters and monster to be changed and adjusted. The problem is that if (a) monster gets buffs, it could upset the hunters synergy, so changing hunters is the easier option instead of changing monsters. Kelder in the recent MIcroPatch is a good example of what buffing monsters can do.

As for upcoming, a few already listed some points and I’ll add some more:

  • 4/3/2 point picking system so stage 1 and 2 get 1 extra point, while Stage 3 only has 2 points. This is to make the monster stronger at S1/2 and encouraging the monster to fight.
  • Better after-dome escape and mobility.
  • Wraith not being useless or slow after Decoy, but instead can fight alongside Decoy.
  • Goliath air control.
  • Behemoth getting lower HP/Armor so he no longer is a complete tank if FT3 or on Defend.
  • Better Armor regen.
  • (some) maps are being reworked so hunters can’t roach/run around trees or pillars.

I’m sure I missed a few, but TU9 is definitely effecting monsters to clear up FT3 and remove toxic gameplay.


Have been able to for a while. Hunt 2.0


I mean outside of Ranked mode please.


Customs. Just request you always be Monster. Or you can be the observer.

There’s Solo in case you want go up against the AI.


Sounds like you just want the option to pubstomp without competition for the monster slot ;D

Otherwise what’s wrong with the ranked option?


I was literally just thinking that as i got to your post! Lmfao


In all honesty, what’s the big issue with letting an experienced Monster Player play against who every they want? Seriously. I purchased the game with the hope of playing a Monster and hunting down the Hunters. Now you pretty much want to punish me for that very mindset.

Look, the only reason I stopped playing the game was the sheer amount of stress put upon me as a Monster Player. I uninstalled because the Hunters became too insane in their DPS and tool kits, which made the game a very painful experience for me. I just want to relax and enjoy being my monster, killing my prey, and enjoying the game casually.

Why must I have to play Super-Duper-Solid Competitive each time I want to play Monster? That’s Hunt 2.0, it was ranked and a highly competitive mode. I’m not a competitive person! I just want to relax.

It’s mindsets like yours which has really killed the Monster population and the whole game in general. The whole Be Competitive or GTFO thing has really killed the game. I just can’t take it. I want TU09 to be a much more fun, chill experience which allows me to do the one thing I love to do.

Just play Wraith. That’s it.


If you don’t want to compete, then just play customs against AI bots an put the match in ur favor.
The reality is that it IS a competetive game.