TU09->Huge changes -> Free Nostalgia DLC


It has become really obvious that after TU09 Evolve will never be the same again, which means you can’t play the old version again (unless you reinstall it from a disc with updates disabled). Personally, despite looking forward to TU09, I think this is kind of a waste and I think there are others who will miss the “old” Evolve.

So here is my suggestion: Add a free nostalgia DLC.
What it does, it’s an Singleplayer option (so that it does not split the base too much and does not use the servers) to play the game with the mechanics and balance stats it had at release, including all DLC characters at their respective release.
Of course it would be an optional download due to its size, and probably have a different launcher.
I’m pretty sure someone at TRS has this still somewhere saved, so it should not be a huge amount of work.
And a free DLC will silence a few critics too, while also keeping the old playerbase who liked the game better before.

Personally, I would really like to try out Wraith when she could warp while cloaked, I never had the opportunity.
Or wreck Monsters with Cabot’s old Railgun again, do crazy damage with Torvalds Mortars, accept the challenge of beating the Hunters by being a 2 times damage absorbing Behemoth. Who would win in a battle between Kala’s teleporters and Wraith’s cloaked warps?

@LadieAuPair I would like to know if this is even possible to do.


I quitle like this idea. Just a little ‘Evolve Nostalgia’ mode that you could try out and experience/remember what pre-TU09 Evolve was like.

However I can’t see TRS actually implementing this feature. There are probably are too many little problems that could appear. Plus current/original Evolve is what turned a lot of people away. I think TRS want take everything they’ve learnt so far and effectively make a sequel that you don’t have to pay for.


The problem here is that you contradict yourself. What you request is possible but not easy.

There have been many code changes to Evolve since release to where we are now.
It’s not as simple as someone from TRS opening up a drawer, grabbing a USB stick with an old version Evolve on it and then uploading that to the Steam cloud.

Simply put, those 2 things have NEVER been in the same patch, obviously. And it’s not like one of them is a simple variable that can be set to its “launch value”.
What you’re asking for can only be achieved by literally opening up an old version of Evolve and manually putting in the tier 4+5 characters from scratch again.


This won’t be happening


If that is the case, the game would be designed non-modular, which is really doubtful as it is a terrible design decision. And how exactly is copying Kala in the pre 1.0 build making her from scratch again? Her code is already there, just connected to another build.


Her code, her assets, her dialogue with the other Hunters, the code for the other Hunters to use the pads, the code for the Monster’s armor bar to respond to the beam properly, the code for Daisy and other AI Hunters to use those pads, the code to put Kala in the selection screen properly, etc etc.

Then there’s the bug fixes. All the hundreds of bug fixes required to make it work, both old which may or may not be fixed automatically by copying code over from the current patch with Kala already in it but also new bugs caused by putting Kala in an earlier, “smaller” version of Evolve.

And that’s just 1 character.

Sounds like serious amounts of time wasted for DLC that caters to such a small amount of players.


As much as I miss the old days of Launch and even Beta, it will never happen.

Evolve is over 60GB when I installed it over a year ago. This means the game would then take up ~120 GB because of the old code. TRS might have sliced a few GB off, but my point still stands.

There is so simple way of telling the game “ok this code needs to be replaced for this code”. So this isn’t even possible from a software standpoint.

We just have to accept the fact that times are moving on, like the natural progression of technology. I miss old muscle cars and the current ones are ugly, but there are other benefits.


Yeah with all these changes and ideas so late in the game’s life, I think they should have waited and done them in Evolve 2. But maybe this shows they’re won’t be an Evolve 2. And even if most people like changes, they’ll always some that will hate it.

Unless they have a Season 3 characters coming AND release them all at once, I don’t think many players will come back.


So going all the way back and keeping characters would be a no go. The work required would be too much.

I’ll see what I can do about keeping TU08 available.


Whoa, is that even possible? Just from what I’ve heard, it sounds exceedingly challenging. If it is doable though I’d be hugely impressed (I imagine everybody would be). Implementing a “classic mode” option in solo sounds amazing, and I think a lot of long time fans would deeply appreciate it! That said, I know how hard you are all working already, and I know this stuff is way more complicated than it appears, and it already appears very complicated. As cool as this idea is, I wouldn’t necessarily expect it - I do appreciate that you are looking into it though!


Even if nothing gets done in the near future, TRS could just keep a copy of TU08 saved somewhere.


Sounds like a good idea. I’ll definitely miss the “oldschool” Evolve after TU9 is out.
But I don’t think this is even possible. Even if it is, it sounds like a ton of work.
Still would’ve loved to play Wraith when she was first released :wraith: :green_heart: