TU09 Early Access


As you may know or not, on Steam, some Early Access Games use the Beta feature to have two or more differents live builds.
For exemple, DayZ have a Stable Branch and an Experimental Branch. The stable branch is the standard where most of people can play and the experimental who has very limited servers available is more advanced version of the game with new contents and bugs, and the experimental branch mainly purpose is to track bug so they could be fix before the stable branch is updated to the new version.

And i thought “Why not doing the same thing with Evolve?”.
- We can experiment on the new TU09 and can give some feedback before it’s too late to change.
- We can help tracking bugs that could pass through the testing team and could be irritating (Cancel class abilities while pounce anyone?)
- No need to requiered a lot of server for ranked or quickplay, perhaps just allow customs with group leader hosting the game. I doesn’t have the purpose to replace the current version, just test the future version to make it as stable as possible.

  • I don’t know if it’s really difficult to make it pass with Steam.
  • Consoles player don’t have acces to this (but they will benefit in the end with a better patch)
  • Divide a little the player base on PC ( anyway as only customs would be allowed, people playing customs in the current version or the new doesn’t really matter on this topic)
  • No more little secret surprise on the TU09, just messed up all the teasing of a little squirrel.

I don’t want to mean that TRS don’t do a great job (they absolutely do), but if we can give some hands to help them, that could be cool and involve the community more.


Pro: People can test it
Con: Split the playerbase on PC


The reason the update was delayed was because of legal reasons. I can’t imagine they’d be able to beta test it for the same reasons. If they could release it now to allow people to test it, then why wouldn’t they just release what changes they were going to release earlier and move onto the next update?

Obviously I don’t know what’s going on inside TRS, but those are my thoughts on the matter. :smile:


BF4 did this with the CTE on PC for everyone and Premium owners on PS4 and Xbox. I really enjoyed it, but it’s not something that TRS can do with the current state of the game sadly.


The same legal problem blocking them from actually updating everyone to TU09 will probably block them from early access TU09. Right? Am I wrong?


I wouldn’t mind the idea but unlikely to happen. As far as I am aware they want this patch out asap but can’t release it till summer for unknown reasons and do not really want to drag out the wait to the player base any longer by adding a period of time for early access. They talk highly of TU9 so lets trust and hope for little if any game breaking bugs.


Right I would have thought


Yeah probably, legal reason too OP.
That just an idea, I know that not likely to happen, just a suggestion, cause who knows?


how about the micropatch though?


why don’t they just make a beta of 3 days with 9.0 on it and it will be like a free weekend


I agree it’d split the PC player base. Maybe as an alternative, they could release TU 9 it a few weeks earlier on PC, so it could be tested by the PC community before us console players get it. With all the new changes coming it sounds like it’s going to be a whole new game, with new strategies and such.


I’m assuming because of the same legal reasons. If they are able to release it for 3 days then I’d assume they’d be able to send it out permanently.


i mean like a totally different download in itself with the update


and what is this ‘‘legal reason’’ :confused:


It’s just not possible. The changes they’re making cannot be done with simply a micropatch, and so they can’t “just make a beta for 3 days.”

A Title Update is a long process that takes roughly a month of testing by Microsoft and Sony before it’s approved (or not approved) and then made available to the public. Making a beta for a TU is just not done in the industry.

Only the parties involved know, and it’s possible they can’t legally talk about it :wink:


No one knows what the legal reasons are but TRS themselves. That’s why it’s mostly assumptions at the moment. I could be wrong obviously but if the patch was pushed back so far then I’d say releasing a ‘beta’ version wouldn’t be possible. Micropatches should tide us over until 9.0 comes around. :slight_smile:


Just to add to what you said. To release a patch for just 3 days you’d have to remove it at the end. I’d say that another patch would need to be released to change it back to where it was. That’s 2 patches just for a 3 day public test. Not 100% sure how it works but that sounds like a lot of work just for 3 days. :confused:


as I said I mean its like how the garden warfare beta was not a update its a separate game


But what would it really accomplish, ultimately? Just for balance or bug testing?
I simply don’t see the point in the long run because I feel it would take away from TU9 itself and how much work they can put into it. I’d rather they keep chugging along on the update than spend all this time and resources on something that won’t benefit them.

I’m also fairly sure it wouldn’t be free, they’d still have to pay a fee to Sony and Microsoft.


Nowadays there are legal issues even for patches?! Holly zombie Jesus!