TU 9.0 release in June confirmed? [Not Confirmed - TMTR]


Sooo… I just looked on FB and found this…

´´ Early summer ´´

June is early summer
July is mid summer
August is late summer

June is release month confirmed?
Can I release the hype train?


June or July. Nothing is confirmed until you see a month and date. :slight_smile:


Fun fact: June is actually more late spring than early summer :stuck_out_tongue:

so far we only got this:


Well according to this picture


Tomorrow is June 1st…

If it was coming out in June… we’d know by now…


Summer begins at 21. June. So most likely no.


This made me lol.


What did happen to your sentry guns ?! :smile:

I was so hyped until I read the comment below the first post ^^


In all seriousness, Seeds is right. If it was in early June, we’d have heard something by now. @zeon; not necessarily. You’re thinking by dates/months. Chances are it’ll be closer to the next fiscal quarter, which starts in August.


I wasnt talking about early june. I was talking about early summer, which stands for june as whole month ( so patch can be released on 30th of june and it will be still release on “early summer“ month. hope you got what I mean ) .

And also we have plenty of teases, info drops and other stuff , so it is not like we “haven´t heard anything by now“.

Lets say TU 9 will drop on 20th of june. 20 days is lot of time and basically anythin can happen.

But we will see


One thing I’d always say for people to be aware of is that QA/certification is a process that can take 2 or more weeks to process. We tend to see the devs suddenly free and talkative around 2 weeks before a release. Why? Because they are off crunch and they are able to take the foot the gas as they wait for 3rd parties to do their part of the process to get an update out.

Now this is a much larger update, we may not see the same situation, but until you see devs becoming more active, no longer talking about what they are currently trying/testing, perhaps even start streaming again… you know that it’s probably at least 2-3 weeks away.

Anyone hoping for a release in the first half of June are very likely going to be disappointed.

Edit: Not that I know anything but saying “June or July” suggests to me personally that they have been aiming for late June but can’t guarantee it won’t get pushed in to July. I don’t see any reason to be so vague as to cover two specific months (why not just keep saying “Summer” if being vague is the aim?), so I feel if they knew they definitely could hit June they’d have said so.


Then it would drop in spring, not summer.


TRS are wizards :smiley:


It seems that this year, for the US, Summer starts on the 20th of June :slight_smile:


They are 30+ years old virgins?


Maybe TRS will release it on my birthday. :smiley:


Nice theory but it’s completely devalued when you take into account that they originally planned to drop the update with Elder Kraken and with no warning whatsoever.

A complete surprise drop, therefore you never know. It could arrive in two months, two weeks, or even tomorrow. There’s just no telling what they’ve planned.


They aren’t going to give us a date, if at all, until the update has been through the ringer and passed through to the other side. I don’t think they’d wanna take that chance of giving a date and then having something fail and it’s pushed back.

That’s why we never heard about the TU’s first expected release (with Elder Kraken).

I’d personally rather be surprised when TRS does a real, official stream on a Tuesday/Thursday to say, “Hey… go play our ‘new’ game!”


Either way, it’s on the 20th this year :stuck_out_tongue: