TU 09 Map Updates: Orbital Drill is up! And a Weather Control tease!


So we decided to get a few more images out there to Grizzle for a video, so lets get a few more Distillery pictures out there!

Before (TU08)


Before (TU08)


Before (TU08)


Before (TU08)


Fair Weather (TU09)

Blizzard! (TU09)

What map(s) would you like to have revamped first? [POLL]
Any new changes?
Let's start this one off with a tease, shall we? - The Shared Dome
Let's start this one off with a tease, shall we? - The Shared Dome
Let's start this one off with a tease, shall we? - The Shared Dome

Wow…the maps are so beautiful. I thought I would miss the gloom, but…these are amazing!


I thought the original maps were beautiful, but these are absolutely incredible. Great job. I can’t wait to see them all when this update drops. :slight_smile:


I’m liking the new light effects. Looks really photogenic.


But I like the dark areas where the monster can lurk.

But I guess this means we will actually be able to see the hunters now instead of just their health bars?


Will these map changes fix the issues with getting out of the maps with kala?


The gloom is still used in some of the maps don’t worry! I’d say now it is a lot more focused on where we want to use it.

The new cave system in Distillery still maintains that eerie feel, and even has some blood splatters over the walls in some areas. But how we light the maps, and where we choose to light it have become very important in TU09. Another goal is to make areas stand out to players more so than before.

If you notice the crane is a big focus point on the beach now for Distillery, and an easy area to reference as a Hunter team. “Hey the Monster is running over to Crane!” You’ll know exactly what is going on instead of a Hunter saying “Hey Monster is on Beach”. The same goes for the Monster learning a map for the first time “Oh hey I needed to go right past this giant ass Crane at the start to get a safe enough distance away” as apposed to “Well I hope I’m far enough away near these trees that all look the same”.

Yeah these maps should solve most the issues brought in by that silly Kala.

Edit: I seriously could talk about these maps all day. This is prob one of my favorite parts of TU09.


Go on…
<please, continue


Who said you had to stop?
Then put duct tape over their mouth and lock their computer so that they can’t stop you.


My stomach, which requires food.

But you guys should ask any questions you might have about maps and I’ll come back in a few (after I get some other work stuff done too) and answer what I can.


My god these map changes look gorgeous! The lighting is stunning and the areas look wonderfully clean. I’ll always love the original maps, but this polish is on a whole new level. I can’t wait!!

I’m glad to hear that there will still be some good old fashioned shear gloom around too. I’d miss it!


Question 1: Which maps have gone changes (to any degree)
Question 2: Which maps have been changed similarly to that of Distillery (large scale changes)
Question 3: When will you stop being sick so that we can get those minimaps?
Question 4: Is Foundry going under big changes or has it been left alone? Many people are split on whether it is a good map or not.
Question 5: Where was the relay on Distillery moved to?
Question 6: Could we get the map from the tutorial revamped and made into a multiplayer map? (revamped as in expanded)
More questions later.


This is one of the most important questions that could ever possibly be asked about the map changes!..have ANY cupcakes been removed, or added??! Lol


That right there. I’m gonna miss the little ship on the landing pod if they do move it or delete it. ;-;


Did you guys do it to all the maps yet or are you plannning to a few maps every TU?

Anyways I think this really looks promising. Especially with the general brightness, I think, and I cant believe I’m saying this, the upcoming change to Slim’s spores MIGHT be over the top.
Depending on how it plays out I MAY suggest to have it remove healthbars in addtion to the reduced auto sense radius (which definetly should stay).



Just gonna ping in here, but any map questions people have go ahead and post in here so I can answer them later today.


So far I’m seeing that maps are being made far more open and less frustrating to fight in. Allowing for easy tracking and open arenas to encourage fights. Additionally it seems that more routes and locations are made to enable freedom if choice, more fighting location options, and easier to avoid detection though main paths are very open.


Pretty sad I won’t get to see them in all their glory since I play on Xbox…

Oh wait, I have it on PC as well!


Wow, can’t say enough how it’s looking like an entirely new map! As cool as the ocean was (and that crashed ship across the water), I love that we’re getting what looks to be more ground to cover. The landmarks are really nice touches. :slight_smile:

Seeing more of the ground, the new layout of foliage debris really makes it look like the colonists have been there just long enough to have pummeled the foliage with heavy-duty vehicles and frequent pathing, and I think that adds a lot of character. The place is still wild, but men have been here, making it theirs.

My question: With these map changes leaning towards polishing up the environment, is the Refueling Tower still an amazing forest or is it far less dense? I’m also curious how the river and junkyard areas have been changed on that map. :smiley: