Trying to Upload Pictures Makes Chrome Crash


When I try to upload a picture or gif, Chrome occasionally crashes. It happens every 5 to 6 pictures.


How much RAM does your phone have?


I’m not normally good with this type of thing, but wouldn’t this be a problem with your phone or chrome? Doesn’t sound like a bug on the forum to me. :confused:

Do you have any other browser on your phone to try it on?


I’ve got no clue. Looked through everything in the settings and couldn’t find it.


My fear is that it’s a problem with Chrome. I’ll download another browser and see what happens.


I’m 99.99% sure it’s a memory issue. I received it all the time with my last phone.


I have about 28.6Gb of space on my phone. I’m using Firefox now, so we’ll see what happens.


At this point, you’re just about the only one reporting forum bugs and they’re all from your phone. You need a new phone Shunty lol


But I got this a few months ago!


RAM not storage space. :wink:

What type of phone do you have again?


MOTO G3. I tried using Firefox and it’s worse.


I couldn’t find where my RAM was located.


You have 2 gigs, should be plenty.

Try to clear your cache.


Ok, how do I do that? It currently says I have 328mb of free RAM.


Alright, I cleared everything up that I had no use for. I have 389mb of free RAM and 303mb of free cached RAM.


There should be a setting in the app settings that allows you to clear all cache.


Let me check then.


I cleared everything. We’ll see how it goes from here. Thanks for the help!