Trying to make (or join) a casual team Xbox


(Xbox) Anyone interested? I play most days, have a mic, and have been playing the game since the beta.


Will you be playing on xbox?


Yup, Xbone it up!


Alright my gamer tag is Elite14life


Coolio I sent it out.


Alright I’ll check when it’s morning


Interested! My GT is the same as my username here


I’ll throw my lot in as well, though I can’t promise how often I’ll be on with school and stuff. But I would like more casual friends to play Evolve with :3.

GT: Dohvakiin4.


GT same as username


GT: C00kie M0nsta x


GT: Wafflez007


Gt: Gameshark 0P (0=zero)


Hit me up GT King Yaysian