Trying to make Gmod Evolve player models


And then it’s gonna be like

Lol, I imagine the Goliath walking like this


Darn-right XD


Look at what I found.


Yay! Val <3
(P.S. Someone should have tagged me about it)


YO! where did you find that?! Or these in general? I’ve been looking for stuff like this for ages!


What is the goal with this? I don’t know where you want to go with Evolve’s models.


It’s in the title


Would be cool if it was more explained, I don’t know what your Gmod is. I guess I will do some research if I have the time.


Gmod (short for Garry’s Mod) is a game on steam where you can use a any model that is rigged in different gamemodes. I would like to make these into playable models in that game and later 3d print the monsters.


Like @Precise_sculptor said, Garry’s mod is a game in wich you can implement characters/mods/gamemodes/maps/structures from anything and everything (games, movies, tv shows, memes, etc…) or your own imagination.

You can also do stuff like this:

You can also make videos from this game. However, it requires a lot of knowledge from the game’s physics and tools to make a video
Here’s an example from a very skilled popular (and french) gmod youtuber:

And because Garry’s mod is a game that have a MASSIVE amount of community content, the game is IMO free to use any copyrighted content.


From where??? FROM WHERE


what the actual fuck did i just witness ?


You mean?


the video , what was seen cant be unseen.


Yeah, and there’s a second episode if you want to see it.


i saw it. i dont know whick one is more fucked up


The second one


Anything new besides the Gorgon’s statue? It’s been like three weeks since we had nothing new for the Gmod models.
I might not be the only one to wait for that.


I have been wanting to get it ready. However things come up and get in the way. I am trying to do this on my free time and I have a lot on my plate right now. I will be getting a couple more files ready for printing later this week.


Looking forward to it OP, also could you include Shrek?