Trying to make Gmod Evolve player models


I have had someone suggest that the models that I am making of the monsters should be made into Player models for Gmod. The thing is I don’t know how to do that. I looked up some possible sites to help but does anyone know how or some really good sources on how to do that.

I can have Goliath be the first one to be turned into a Gmod model. This is great idea and would like to do this.

Working on original monsters and glacial.
See the monsters being made here:

Evolve statues perhaps even new monsters (Sample Gorgon 3d file is available)

Evolve statues perhaps even new monsters (Sample Gorgon 3d file is available)

A gmod Goliath would be incredible


Trying to learn how. I am looking at a few sources to try and do this. Do you know a good way too?


Sadly not, youtube maybe?


I found a few sources and I think I can have Goliath up in a couple of weeks


I’ve been waiting for so long for an Evolve GMOD models, although I care more about a Hunter player model than a Monster player model. I hope you get this to work. Also, are you considering adding NPCs?


Do you know how to animation rig the models you are creating?

If you are making the models with Zbrush (I not too familiar with the capabilities of that software) then you may have to find some other software capable of rigging the models.

If you get them all working though, it would be awesome!


I am going to use blender, since the Zbrush can not rig models. I have found a couple of good sources. The most common one is to take a existing rig from a current model on Gmod and place it in the New model which in this case will be Goliath.


I was going to recommend blender (it is like the only hard-core animation rigging/modelling program that is free), and also sounds like you have a good plan!

I will leave it in your capable hands, keep us updated as to when and if they appear on GMOD.


The thing is that this is going to be my first GMod Player model. I find the monsters to be a lot easier to deal with than the hunters. I have found sufficient amount of info needed to make it happen. All that I need to do is finish the Goliath model.
One step at a time. I will start with a player model and then learn about making NPCs.


I have worked with blender a bit before and somewhat familiar with the bone rigging and weight painting. I would say that it will be a couple of weeks to give me a good amount of time. So thinking Dec. 15. Trying to sculpt all the monsters and then rig one to start with Gmod player model making.


I would also like to share a word of warning, I have had some trouble getting blender to automatically assign bone weights when I have used somewhat high poly models with unconnected and clipping objects.

Also, I would like to see how you deal with Wraith and Kraken, specifically in regards to their extra limbs (the flying tentacles and scythe blades). Behemoth and Gorgon could also look a bit janky if their models are forced to conform to the average humanoid bone structure rig.


That is why I want to start with Goliath since it is the most humanoid monster. The model will have the polygons reduced before rigging. So there won’t be any super details on it but just enough details. The rigs can be adjusted to fit behemoth and may be a little strange for Gorgon if I don’t find a model similar to it. I may have to learn more by joining other forums and asking other Steam members for help.


Is the model in this link available for gmod?


Thanks. I forgot about this post. I pretty sure that it is possible. Also I have found some hunter models that require some fixing, detailing, and placed in a t-pose for rigging. I had to import and export it as a recognizable file for zbrush. so that I can do all that I have mentioned. I found Hank, maggie, daisy, markov, lazarus, hyde, bucket. With this I can get some hunters into Gmod as well. Saves me a lot of time having to make it from scratch.




Guys, we could potentially recreate evolve IN gmod.


Yup, we could find a monster player screwing around the map holding a crowbar and taking screenshots with his/her camera stuck in the face like if he/she’s holding a mask (and maybe with the fingers on the objective)


The rest of the models that I have found. Brought them into Zbrush. Need to get them into t pose.


Glorious, isn’t it?