Trying to make a useful hunter team (PS4)


Im tired of playing against shitty randoms with no mics. I cant get them to do what i want and they have no idea what theyre doing. If you have a mic and know what you are doing with evolve then please comment your ps4 names and ill add you and play with you when i can.


Alrighty then have fun trying to type this name out :smile:



question is, are you a good player? not do you THINK your a good player, you KNOW your a good player :stuck_out_tongue:


I know i am a good player so you can trust me on that



trapper main with good experience in medic/support position… willing/capable of playing any position… hit me up if you want




Im a decent enough player lol ill add everyone who comments within the next few days!


I’m willing to play with yall as assault. I would enjoy having more friends on evolve.

Add Me PSN: NoMoHatin


I’m looking for people to play with as well, psn is Gaboman8991
I’m a good trapper and medic, and ill play monster anytime


My main is assault square nd support. So far i have a trapper and assault


bionicpenguin55, all hunters elited on ps4 and pc… 2/4 monsters elited as well… I know where to point my guns, if that counts


Main Medic: Elited Slim currently to lazy to elite anything else as I only work on those in solo against the cpu I feel like a jerk trying to do any of them with players and a player monster.

Would really really love to work on monster too so more than willing to be ANYONES punching bag in custom games with mics

PSN: Rikosis

Only add me if your serious, dont add me then never get a game going with 2 or 3 others you know. I want to actually join a group. I love playing Evacuation.